New Trader University Blog Table of Contents


I have grouped my best blog posts of the past under different topic areas. Each blog title is a link to that blog post.

Risk Management

Risk Management in 1 Lesson

7 Things Trader’s Do That Blow Up Their Account

Not Managing Your Risk in Trading is like……

The Many Faces of RISK

Surviving a Drawdown: 7 Steps

Van Tharp On Risk Management

Trading: The Difference Between Playing Offense & Defense

The Most Dangerous Trade

Are You a Gambler or a Trader?

Seven Easy Steps to Blow Up your Trading Account

RISK isn’t just a board game, in trading it is THE GAME

Trading Methods

Trading Against the Elephant

Performance Histories of Popular Trading & Investing Strategies & What Makes Money In the Stock Market

What is your Trading Religion?

Apple’s Sneakiest Moving Average

Your Opinions or A Proven System?

Why every style of trader should LOVE $AAPL

Top Ten Things I Look for in a Stock

Where Do I Get Out of a Trend Trade & Where Do I Get Back In?

Don’t be a Cheapskate Trader: Pay for Quality

The 2nd Chance Entry Point if You Missed the Breakout

Ten things traders need to know about moving averages.

The Top 10 Signs of a Bearish Market

Top 10 List for a Bull Market

The 3 Laws that Govern Stock Prices

7 Ways to Trade With An Edge

A Trader’s 5 Best Teachers

A Tale of Two Types of Stocks. Rockets & Anvils

The Anatomy of a Trend (7 causes and clues)

The Mechanics of Stock Price Movements

How to Trade Like Nicolas Darvas

My Favorite Indicator

Do You Trade like Captain Kirk or Mr. Spock?

The Anatomy of a Trend: 10 Guidelines

Trader: Meet Thy Judge

K.I.S.S. Principle for Traders

How to Find a Monster Stock in 15 steps

Ten Rules for Trading Pocket Pivots

Why the Cup & Handle Chart Pattern Works

How To Short Stocks like a Market Wizard:10 Red Flags

How To Play Earnings?> Don’t. Here are Ten Reasons Why

Five Reasons I Do Not Hold Through Earnings & CMG is #5

Trading the River

I Will Show You the Money $$

The 10 reasons Why Trend Trading Makes Money

The World’s Most Simple Trend Indicator

Ten Tips for using Moving Averages in Trading

Ten Things that the Markets Reward

World’s Easiest System for Trading the Short Side

10 Tips on How I Trade a Down Trending Market

The Stock Markets Ultimate Line in The Sand

Trading: How to Win Half the Battle

The Money is in the Trend

To Short or Not to Short

Top Ten Things Traders Must Change to Survive

The Causes of Market Turning Points?

What Causes a Price Top?

Trader Psychology


New Trader, Know Thyself

Scott O’Neil on the Dangers of Emotional Trading

A New Trader’s Guide to Managing Emotions

Understanding a Trader’s Emotions

The 7 Skills A Trader Must Have

Fragile Traders vs. Anti-Fragile Traders. Who breaks First?

Overcoming the top 10 Pains of Trading.

The Perfect Trader

How to Trade Through the Pain

You are not your Trade

Quitters Sometimes Win and Winners Know When to Quit

Trading: The Art of the COMEBACK

Picky Traders are Good Traders

Top Ten Side Effects of Greedy Trading

Trading with No Regrets

What To Fear & Not to Fear in Trading

Caffeine For the Trader’s Soul

The Top Ten Scariest Things A Trader Can Do…..

Ten Different Types Of Traders. Which One Are You?

Using Hope & Fear Correctly in Trading

8 Steps That Will Make You A Better Trader

A Trader’s Emotional Indicators

Top Ten Ways for a New Trader to Lose Money

6 Things To Help You Keep Trading, When The Trading Gets Tough

The Top 10 Distinctions Between Winning Traders & Whining Traders

Trading: Mistakes versus Losses. 10 BIG MISTAKES

7 Warning Signs That A Trader Is In The Danger Zone

5 Keys to the Mental Game of Trading

Trading is All About Control

The Four Primary Trading Fears.

The 5 Fundamental Truths about Trading

Chicken Soup for the Trader’s Soul

10 Tips For Managing Trader Stress

When Good Traders do Stupid Things. Top Ten List

A Trader’s Emotional Indicators

How Big Are Your Trading Shoes?

The Mental Game of Trading

Equal Opportunity Market?

A Trader’s Serenity Prayer

Trading with a Plan

A Trader’s Checklist before the Trade

A Trading Plan: Do You Have One?

Trading: The Key to Everything

When Your Trading Plan is the Boss…

Investor’s Business Daily’s 20 Rules For Investment Success

The Darvas System in a Nutshell

Ten Principles for Successful Stock Speculation via IBD


@TraderStewie’s 10 Golden Rules of trading.

Bernard Baruch’s 10 Trading Rules

Dennis Gartman’s Top Ten Trading Rules

The Specific Rules used by the Legendary Turtle Traders

How I Trade Stocks

10 Things Traders Can Do Instead of Losing Money

Ten Times When A Trader Should do Nothing

The 4 Things A Trader Has To Know

7 Things You Must Do to Win at Trading.

5 Ways to Exit a Rocket Stock for Maximum Profits

The 7 Best Ways to Exit a Trade

How To Make Your Own Luck in Trading

Don’t be a Trading Hero

5 Ways To Be Right About a Trade BUT… Still Lose Money.

The Ten Commandments of Trading

Why Trading is Like Football

How New Traders Can Limit Their Pain

3 Ways to Lose Money when you are Right, but your Trading is Wrong

Ten Ways to Simplify Your Trading

A Traders 10 Point Checklist for a Losing Trade

The Top 10 Problems with Trading with Headline Risk

The Principles for my 51.7% Return in the 1st Quarter

The Winning Trader’s club

The Top 10 Mistakes New Traders Make

The 18 Principles that Make Rich Traders so Successful

The 42 Keys to Market Wizardom

40 steps in the Traders Journey

The 10 Elements of Successful Trading

The Top Ten Similiarities of Winning Traders

Build-a-Trader Workshop

How to Get that Winning Edge in Trading.

10 Ways I Trade With the Winning 10%

A Trader’s 10 Best Friends & 10 Worst Enemies

Trading: Here’s what it’s all about

These Two Things Will Determine a Traders Success

Trading: Doing the Homework

10 Reasons Why Rich Traders Win

The Trifecta of Trading

The best pieces of trading advice

Ten Powerful Psychological Traits of the Rich Trader

Ten Great New Year’s Resolutions for Traders

Do You want to Win or Lose at Trading?

How Many Dimensions Do You Trade in? 1, 2, or 3?

25 Trading Commandments: Timeless Laws for Making Money from the Market

10 Things A Trader Needs to START DOING if They Want to Make Money

20 Nuggets of Trading Wisdom

The 4 Horsemen of the Failed Trader

10 Things that each Trader Must Master

Some of the Biggest Secrets of the Rich Traders

Trading Success: How bad do you want it?

If Will Smith Was a Trader This Would Be His Advice

The 7 Key Emotions of the Winning Trader

The PATH to Trading Profits

7 Stepping Stones In Each Trader’s Journey

7 Things Each Trader Has To Accept If They Want to Trade

If ‘FIGHT CLUB’ Was About Trading, These Would Be The RULES

You Might Be A Bad Trader If……

Is Your Trading Skill? Or Just Luck? The Difference…

The 5 Mistakes Bad Traders Make Over and Over and…..

Trader Evolution: 10 things that I have Learned

The Five Faiths Needed for Trading Success

Trading: Here is How to Win Half the Battle in One Step

10 Ways to Labor Towards Trading Success

If Babe Ruth was a Trader….

The 10 Steps to Trading With Mojo

13 Things Successful Traders do Differently

The Three Elements of Trading Success.

6 Effective Ways to Persistently Pursue Trading Success

Ten Trading Myths Explained

The Trader’s Money Makers

How Winning Traders Rebound, make a Come Back, and Never Quit

10 Things that Great Traders have Declared Independence From

The Ten Most Foolish Things a Trader Can Do

Risk/Reward Ratio

Trading:The Secret Sauce

Asymmetric Trading

Trade to Win Big & Lose Small

The Trader’s Fallacy: Big Risks=Big Long Term Profits

Legendary Traders

My Top 10 Trading Influences

The Top Ten Trades of All Time

The Wisdom of Market Wizard Ed Seykota

Rich Traders Speak, are you Listening?

The Best 10 things George Soros Ever Said About Trading (Not Politics)

My 10 Favorite Nicolas Darvas Quotes

The Ten Trading Quotes that Will Change Your Trading

The Greatest Trader Who Ever Lived: Jesse Livermore?

50 Trading Rules from a Real Market Wizard

How to Trade Like Paul Tudor Jones

Turtle Trading 101

Ed Seykota: Greatest Trader of All Time?

Ten Ways to Trade Like the Legendary William J. O’Neil

The Best Things William J. O’Neil Ever Said

My Interview with an Official Market Wizard

Paul Tudor Jones Speaks:Are You Listening?

Jesse Livermore’s Best 10 Quotes & Free Link to His Book

Who Holds The World Record For Stock Trading Returns? This Guy…

How A Market Wizard Manages Whip Saws in 6 Easy Steps

Market Wizards Author Jack Schwager’s New Interview

Market Wizards in a Nutshell

Interviews with the Trading gods.

My Interview with a Successful Trend Follower

Who First Showed Ed Seykota How to Trade?

Ed Seykota’s Student Speaks: With a Book and Interview

Rich Trader: Dan Zanger Interview

Jesse Livermore’s Ten Trading Rules

Interview with O’Neil Disciples Part I

Interview with O’Neil Disciples Part II

Interview with O’Neil Disciples Part III

Best Trading Books

Top Ten Must have Trading Books

My Top Ten Option Book Picks

Top Five Books For New Traders

The Rich Dad, Poor Dad of Trading Books?

The #1 Book on a Specific Investing/Trading Method?

Is This The Greatest Stock Trading Book ever Written?

The Best Place to Study Monster Stock Charts

What Would a Successful Hedge Fund Manager Do?

The Universal Principles of Successful Trading

Thou Shalt Follow the Trend

Unholy Grails

Recipe For a Monster Stock

Trade Like A Casino, Not A Gambler

New Trader to Currency Trader

Another Real Modern Day Nicolas Darvas Millionaire

Survival Guide For Traders:Book Review

Stock Options

Stock Options: Where Do You Start?

How Stock Options are Built

How to have more Options In Your Trading.

Trends Determine Who Wins: Option Plays: Strangles and Straddles

Ten Great Things About Stock Options

Stock Options: What are they good for?

How to Short a Stock Without Infinite Risk

A Terrible Way to Use Options (It Will Surprise You)

Option Delta: How much Bang do you get for your Buck?

Option Delta: How Options Move

How to Manage Risk With Stock Options

What is an Inverse Covered Call (The answer may surprise you)

12 Reasons Why I LOVE Trading Weekly Options

7 Common Mistakes Option Traders Make

Stock Options: 10 Ways to Move From Peril to Profits

Five Things Traders need to Understand about Weekly Options

How to Turn Your Trading Account Into a 2X $AAPL ETF

Options: This is How I Roll

Trading with Social Media

Top 7 Traders On Twitter

Ten Signs Someone is a New Trader Know-it-All