Traders Must Bend But Not Break

  Today I would like to explore three concepts in trading that many traders have never thought about. Fragility, robustness, and anti-fragility are concepts that describe a trader's psychology, risk management, and method. Here are some general definitions: Fragility is a word used to describe something that is easily broken, shattered, or damaged. It means very … [Read more...]

35 Top Destroyers of Trading Capital

Richard Elzey

  When I asked my Facebook trading group what was the cause of their biggest trading losses, no one had any trouble remembering those painful and valuable lessons. These top 30 insightful answers will benefit new traders and provide a nice reminder for those with more experience. "What was the cause of the biggest draw downs in your trading accounts?" Having no exit … [Read more...]

Starting a Trading Business

Betsy Weber

  If a new trader wants to be a successful, they will need to treat their trading like they would operate a profitable business. Many traders lose a lot of money by approaching trading like it is a hobby. In trading, making money is the goal, and must be kept at the forefront of a trader's mind if they are to be successful. Fun and excitement in trading can be expensive … [Read more...]

10 Trading Mistakes: Are You Guilty?

  Are you trading without a plan? Trading without a plan makes you emotional and a gambler. Do you ever trade too big for your trading account size? Big trades are bad trades for the emotional engagement and risk of ruin that they entail over the long term. Do you risk losing more if you are wrong than you will make if you are right? The biggest driver of … [Read more...]

5 Quick Tips For Risk Management

  Days like today really see who is managing risk and who isn't. Always remember if you have big winning days and trades that are disproportionally large percentage wise then the odds are that you are also exposed to the downside risk of an equal magnitude. Here are five quick tips for risk management for traders. For Traders: 5 Quick Tips For Risk … [Read more...]