• Video Training

    11-part professional video series that will teach you how to use moving averages in your trading strategy.

  • Additional resources

    Join other traders in the forums, ask Steve specific trading questions, and build a community.

  • Extensive Resources Section

    Specific article recommendations provided for every lesson so you can continue your trading education.

  • Detailed Chart Examples

    More than 45 detailed charts with step-by-step explanations to help you understand not only the how, but the why.

Step-by-step Trade Examples

Step-by-step explanations of some of my most successful trades, with detailed charts and in-depth analysis.

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  • Rolf Schlotmann - Tradeciety.com
    Steve is a trader that really stands out, and that I recommend to anyone who is looking for high quality and transparent trading tips and knowledge.
    Rolf Schlotmann - Tradeciety.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a couple of questions that I have received about the course.

Q: Will I learn specific trading methods for moving averages?

A: Yes, absolutely! In addition to learning what moving averages are, you will learn how to add them to your trading toolbox to get a serious edge over your competition.

Q: If I already am a subscriber of New Trader 101, do I still need to purchase Moving Averages 101?

A: New Trader 101 and Moving Averages 101 are different courses and will need to be purchased separately.

Q: Are there real trade examples?

A: You bet! There are more than 45+ annotated charts, with step-by-step explanations.

Q: How long will I be able to access the information in Moving Averages 101?

A: You will have full access to the Moving Averages 101 coursework and the Moving Averages forum for 365 days from the date that you subscribe.

  • Lorne A. Fitzsimmons
    If I had to choose a single event that took me from loser-gambler to becoming a profitable trader, it would be when I started following Steve on social media. His relentless attention to money management and position sizing finally got through my thick skull, and I started to make money!
    Lorne A. Fitzsimmons

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