• Video Training

    13-part professional video series that will teach you the skills necessary to be a great trader. Learn everything from psychology to winning methodology.

  • Detailed Examples

    PDF handouts for further study and in-depth analysis of key trading principles. Learn and grow as a trader.

  • Extensive Resources Section

    Specific articles and book recommendations provided for every chapter so you can continue your trading education.

  • Real Trade Examples

    Real trade examples with step-by-step explanations to help you understand not only the how, but the why.

Step-by-step Trade Examples

Step-by-step explanations of some of my most successful trades, with detailed charts and in-depth analysis.

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  • Rolf Schlotmann - Tradeciety.com
    Steve is a trader that really stands out, and that I recommend to anyone who is looking for high quality and transparent trading tips and knowledge.
    Rolf Schlotmann - Tradeciety.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a couple of questions that I have received about the course. Please email help@newtraderu.com if you have others.

Q: Will I learn specific trading skills?

A: Yes, absolutely! In addition to teaching you the psychology behind the trades, I will show you real world examples of how to implement a trading plan, and profit as a trader.

Q: Can this information be used in the Forex?

A: Yes, the principles taught in this course will help you excel in any market. Study the psychology and methodology in this course, and you will be able to compete in any market, against any competitor.

  • Lorne A. Fitzsimmons
    If I had to choose a single event that took me from loser-gambler to becoming a profitable trader, it would be when I started following Steve on social media. His relentless attention to money management and position sizing finally got through my thick skull, and I started to make money!
    Lorne A. Fitzsimmons

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