Trading Tweets of the Week:1/29/16

Hell of a week and what a month!!!This year will challenge all of us & our psychology to the max.Process & discipline are key. — Northy (@NorthmanTrader) January 29, 2016 I sincerely hope Dennis Gartman never proclaims the world to be safe from asteroids. — Northy (@NorthmanTrader) January 27, 2016 So many predictions, so much […]

12 Dying Industries

Technological advancements like the iPhone cause traditional products. Even retailers like Amazon are over-trading platforms that connect directly to consumers and are displacing companies and even entire industries. Here is a list of things that are going away: Brick and mortar retailers: Amazon has already rendered bookstores and electronic stores obsolete, and they are now working on […]

How To Increase Your Probability of Success With Options

This is a guest post by Dan Neagoy @ThetaTrend. Dan is the founder of Theta Trend a site devoted to helping retail traders become consistently profitable options income traders. Put 75%+ Odds In Your Favor – How To Increase Your Probability of Success With Options One of the biggest challenges newer traders face is finding a […]

Good Trades are Never Easy

Traders may be waiting for the market to settle down and give them more clarity about the trend. For the moving average to hold, for volatility to decrease, for the economic numbers to be more positive, for oil prices to find a range, for your bad luck with entries to end…. The reality is, the market action will NEVER give you the perfect time. That right moment for entry never […]

How to be Profitable Trader in 180 Days

This is a guest post by Rayner Teo Let me guess. You’re into trading because you want financial freedom, to make lots of money, and to kiss your boss’s as* goodbye. You learn everything you can get your hands on. Trading books, courses, forums etc. 1 year has passed… 2 years has passed… 3 years […]

First Bullish Baby Steps $SPY Chart 1/24/16

  $SPY broke out over the 5 day EMA Friday. This shows short term momentum out of the downtrend. This is an early bull signal, but only the first. The 5 Day EMA held as support Friday. This level needs to hold to confirm this is a short term reversal. Friday’s up day was on lower volume than […]