5 Books That Give Specific Trading Systems

              There are many trading books that discuss the principles and philosophy of trading, and I have read hundreds of them. Here are five books that discuss actual systematic ways to trade price action. Here you will find specific trading models with potential buy and sell signals. These are great places to start … [Read more...]

My Favorite Trading Articles 6/13/15

  These 4 Questions Will Keep You From Making Trading Mistakes Trade Setups: Understanding the Backtest Could Stocks Surprise Significantly In Next 15 Years? What trading over the course of five different decades has taught me about drawdowns Goldman: Why ETF Assets Will Double to $6 Trillion by 2020 … [Read more...]

10 Metrics that Lead to Trading Profitability

10 Metrics to Profitability

  Just like in the movie "Money Ball" where they quantified what was the most important factor that lead to wins in baseball games, I have also tried to help new traders cut through all the noise, and focus on what really matters. The quantification and capture of trends for profits in the time frame you are trading, is the most important aspect of what we do. Here are … [Read more...]

10 Pathways to Trading Success

Pathway to Success

  There are many paths to trading profitability, but all the paths have similar steps. Here are some important steps you must follow on your path to profitability. The amount of success you have in trading is primarily based on the amount of homework you do. You must develop a winning trading system that is based on previous price history, trend capturing in your … [Read more...]

Tradeshark Software Review: Jack Schwagers Technical Trading Tools

Jack Schwager has personally interviewed the greatest traders of our time. He has published several timeless classics, among them my favorite trading book of all time "Market Wizards". I was thrilled when I heard that Mr. Schwager had developed his own technical indicators, and they were available through TradeShark.com. TradeShark was¬†generous enough to set me up on their … [Read more...]