Book Review: Following the Trend

Author Andreas Clenow has done an outstanding job writing a landmark book for readers interested in systematic trend following of futures. He gives basic systematic trend following strategies with entry and exit parameters, position sizing, and shows the watch list for futures markets needed for proper diversification. He explains systems based on breakouts and moving […]

Trend Following Trading: Guest Post

This is a guest post posted here with the permission of Olajide Taiwo Fsgcm Aicpm of Lakazy Capital THE TREND FOLLOWING PROFITS COUNT Think of it this way: Performance data examples from the great trend followers could be the foundation of every college finance class. When you show up on the first day, instead of […]

The $2.25 Million Darvas Trading Principles

In 1959, Nicolas Darvas beat Wall Street when he traded his way from $30,000 to $2.25 million in 18 months.  He did this while traveling around the world on a dance tour, while using telegrams for end of day prices, and a weekly Barron’s Magazine. How is this possible? His ten powerful principles: He traded the long side […]

My Two Michael Covel Interviews:

Here are two interviews I did with Trend Following expert and author Michael Covel a few years ago. Interview #3 has been completed and will be released soon. I received a lot of positive feedback from these and I hope you find them helpful in your trading journey.    

The Trend Commandments

  The principles that successful trend traders use to make money in the markets is difficult for the average investor or trader to understand. Readers unfamiliar with systematic trend trading have a hard time trading for profitability without trying to predict where price will go. Most successful trend traders have preset, planned entries that are […]