Crude Oil Nearing Exhaustion: Guest Post


This is a Guest Post by Bob Loukas For an asset like Crude, which is normally extremely volatile, the current prolonged sideways range is very much out of character. Crude has us accustomed to daily swings of 2% to 3%, and to shorter term rallies/declines that draw in traders before reversing suddenly. Crude is generally an asset that fluctuates in price, so the current … [Read more...]

5 Free Trading Books on Amazon Kindle

Trading Research

  Here are five trading books currently free on Amazon Kindle: Everything You Need to Know About Trading: Tools, Strategies, Automation and More Stock Investing Successfully for Beginners How To Invest: Simple Strategies To Grow Your Stocks, ETF's, and Futures Stock Trading: Tips for Trading Stocks - From Stock Trading For Beginners To Stock Trading … [Read more...]

Top Trading Tweets of the Week: 5/15/15

Tweets of the Week

  RIP BB KING RIP PAUL WALKER RIP NELSON MANDELA RIP OL' DIRTY BASTARD RIP TUPAC RIP BIG RIP RADIO SHACK RIP QUIZNOS — Wu-Tang Financial (@Wu_Tang_Finance) May 15, 2015 Hotel California is basically a negative Yelp review with a two minute guitar solo. — Rob Fee (@robfee) April 11, 2015 “Successful investing means having people agree with … [Read more...]

Top Trading Tweets of the Week: 4/24/15

Pete Simon

$AMZN 15 year bull market. 8000% return. The bears who have been growling ought to be ashamed of themselves for their stupidity.— OptionsTrader31 (@OptionsTrader31) April 23, 2015 A little media on my tweet-->— DK1 (@canuck2usa) April 22, 2015 We didn't have Tinder. In my day you drunk-dialed out of a high school yearbook like a … [Read more...]