5 Great Trading Articles 8/3/15

Forget Candlestick Patterns – This is All You Need to Know Why We Fail To Trade Our Plans After We've Planned Our Trades Weekly Market Summary via @ukarlewitz Market Masters: Identifying Strong Bases For Explosive Trades Trading, Trend Following, Boredom … [Read more...]

Chart Patterns and Market Breadth Explained

Decoding Chart Patterns – How To Understand Any Price Move The Thinnest New High In Stock Market History The Three R's: Winning Practices of Successful Traders  20 successful entrepreneurs share the most important lesson they learned in their 20s 4 Considerations When Making New Investments   … [Read more...]

All Time Top 10 Tweets of DK1 @canuck2usa


1. Believe in Yourself 2. Control Risk 3. Patience 4. Humility 5. Reward — DK1 (@canuck2usa) December 31, 2014 Rule 1: Wave 2 will never retrace more than 100% of wave 1. pic.twitter.com/XxgHcVZLRy — DK1 (@canuck2usa) February 24, 2015 The big money is made by holding positions not daytrading — DK1 (@canuck2usa) May 1, 2015 $/ES_F $SPY calls was a … [Read more...]

Crude Oil Nearing Exhaustion: Guest Post


This is a Guest Post by Bob Loukas For an asset like Crude, which is normally extremely volatile, the current prolonged sideways range is very much out of character. Crude has us accustomed to daily swings of 2% to 3%, and to shorter term rallies/declines that draw in traders before reversing suddenly. Crude is generally an asset that fluctuates in price, so the current … [Read more...]