12 Crappy $SPY Chart Facts: 9/27/15


    If you think that suddenly your trading sucks or that your method no longer works, it's not you, it's the market. Only skillful day traders and perfectly timed short sellers are really making money this year. The chart is really trendless but makes erratic moves inside the tight range. $SPY is down 6.17% for the year and the path of least resistance is … [Read more...]

The $QQQ Ascending Chart Pattern Signals


$QQQ is currently in an ascending triangle chart pattern. Regardless of where they form, ascending triangles are usually bullish patterns that indicate accumulation. Even though the price can't rise past the 200 day resistance level, the reaction lows continue to rise. It is these higher lows that indicate increased buying pressure and give the ascending triangle its bullish … [Read more...]

5 Signals I Need to Turn Bullish


  There are so many traders and investors that remain bullish even when the stock market is under distribution. Here are 5 things I need to see to become bullish again and stop shorting strength and start trading on the long side. $QQQ needs to close over the 200 day as my first sign of bull power and the potential for a return to all-time highs. All stock … [Read more...]

Trading Methods, Systems, and Plans


Do You Know the Difference Between Trading Methods, Systems, and Plans? There are significant differences between trading methods, trading systems, and trading plans. These variations can be confusing for new traders, but it is important that students of the market understand and develop these areas in order to optimize their chance of success. Trading Method A trading … [Read more...]

5 Great Trading Articles 8/3/15

Forget Candlestick Patterns – This is All You Need to Know Why We Fail To Trade Our Plans After We've Planned Our Trades Weekly Market Summary via @ukarlewitz Market Masters: Identifying Strong Bases For Explosive Trades Trading, Trend Following, Boredom … [Read more...]