$AAPL My Indicators & My Trading Plan

            Charts are my best mentors and moving averages are my best teachers. Entering into Monday Morning I am long Apple with an in the money $610 strike weekly call option but I am hedged with an out of the money $620 weekly put. Like me many traders see indecision […]

The 200 day $AAPL Moving Average & When High Prices are Too High

          Here is a great article that appeared in Investor’s Business Daily discussing the historical limits Apple can get above the 200 day moving average before a correction. Interesting reading but it may or may not help with your specific trading style, for information purposes only. CLICK ON YELLOW HIGHLIGHTS IN […]

The Line in the Sand For Bulls

        The market is at a cross roads, we are either at the bottom of a bull market or the beginning of a bear market. The up trend is still technically in place but the bears are fighting to bring us into an official down trend. Below or five key price levels […]

A Tale of Two Types of Stocks. Rockets & Anvils

          “Bear markets have no supports and bull markets have no resistance.”  -William Eng Two big mistakes new traders make is  to short a monster stock at all time highs believing it has to go down or going long a stock in a death spiral because it just can’t go any […]