February 2017

Jumping Out Of The System

This is a Guest Post by: Colibri Trader @priceinaction. This article is used here with permission and originally appeared here on ColibriTrader.com. BY COLIBRI TRADER JOOTSING AND TRADING- a modern approach to having an edge in trading Ninety percent of everything is crap. According to Sturgeon’s Law (after the science fiction author Ted Sturgeon): Ninety percent …

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Top Trading Tweets: Week 2/24/17

We’re just going to leave this right here. ?$SPY: https://t.co/qYWqGJyd3n pic.twitter.com/ruUSzByWN5 — StockTwits (@StockTwits) February 22, 2017 Trying to time the next 10% correction like… $SPY: https://t.co/YRYbEHQARK pic.twitter.com/XRAc5brqry — StockTwits (@StockTwits) February 21, 2017 My take on “trading math” Accept a 50/50 win rate Lose (1x) on losers, make (1.25x)+ on winners Manage risk and …

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