June 2022

types of moving averages

Types of Moving Averages

There are four primary different types of the most popular used moving averages on charts by traders: Simple (SMA), Exponential (EMA), Smoothed (SMMA), and Volume Weighted (VWMA). Different moving averages can be calculated different ways depending on their type using any sequential data sample size, this could include opening and closing prices, highest and lowest …

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market cycles chart

Market Cycles Chart

Market Bubble Stages Market bubbles go through four stages on charts. Stealth Phase The early stealth phase happens at the beginning of a new market cycle as it goes sideways and forms a price base. The breakout of this range over resistance is the signal of the potential for the beginning of a new uptrend. …

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elliott wave theory

Elliott Wave Theory

The Elliott Wave theory is a method of technical analysis that tries to quantify repeating long-term price action patterns correlated to changes in market psychology and sentiment. This theory attempts to identify primary impulse waves showing the long-term chart trend and also corrective reversal waves that are inverse to that larger trend. Elliott Wave Principle …

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