How To Trade Like A Stock Market Wizard


How To Trade Like A Stock Market Wizard

This book is great for all the readers of Jack Schwager’s Market Wizards series. For the readers of that series that want a more specific actionable trading method here we have one of the world’s premier stock market traders right out of one of Schwager’s books giving us his methods, step by step. Mark Minervini did not hold back while writing this book, he generously gave readers what he has learned in his 30 years of trading the stock market. He shows specifically what he looks for in super performance stocks. The earnings growth, trends, innovative products, and chart patterns.

Stock traders will learn that it is not only what stock they buy but also exactly when to buy it for the highest probability of success. When the right stock is purchased at the right time during an up trending market his method comes together to create huge wins for a trader’s account. Regardless of the wonderful growth of a company it has to have institutional interest from big money managers to truly have an epic price advance. Demand for a stock will show up in the stock’s price chart. A stock should not be bought until it can prove itself by breaking out of a defined price range. Mr. Minervini’s style fits in the trading lineage of William J. O’Neil, Jesse Livermore, and Nicolas Darvas. This book will build perfectly on top of their methods with those familiar with the growth stock/momentum strategy of these market legends.

I think Mark Minervini has gone deeper into the actual mechanics of  trade entry and exit timing along with risk management than just about anyone else at his level ever has in a published book. Bravo for his generosity in sharing his hard won market knowledge through the hard knocks of experience that lead to his great success. The book is over flowing with charts that give examples of his winning trades over the past three decades along with some historical winners from earlier eras.

Minervini has put up many consecutive triple digit annual account returns in his trading career. He is a momentum growth stock trader looking primarily for the stocks with the potential to double and triple in price in a relatively short amount of time. He has personally traded winning stocks through incredible advances of 100% and also up to 1,000% or more in the right industries during raging bull markets.

I rank this book among the very best top five stock trading books I have ever read out of several hundred that I reviewed on Amazon. It is truly a must have for its techno-fundamental approach that finds the stocks that have the fundamental potential for amazing advances and then shows you when to buy them for the greatest chance of participating in their potential triple digit advances. Of course not all super performance stocks will  rocket up off the launch pad so he does not leave out how to manage risk with the proper stop loss to use when the price goes to a level where the stock should be sold due to a failure to launch.

This is a must have in your home library if you are a serious stock trader.Trade Like a stock Market Wizard by Mark Minervini