An Interview with a Modern Day Nicolas Darvas

An Interview with a Modern Day Nicolas Darvas


Who is Dan Zanger?

Dan Zanger is the modern day version of Nicolas Darvas.

His mother Elaine loved the stock market and Dan would often watch the business channel with her. One day in 1978 Dan saw a stock explode across the ticker tape at the bottom of the screen hitting $1. He made his first purchase and sold the stock a few weeks later at over $3. From that sale on, he was hooked on the action of the market tape, usually carrying a quotetrek with him to stay up on stock prices on his  jobs  in Beverly Hills as an independent contractor building swimming pools.

He attended a seminar led by William J. O’Neil and this was a major turning point in his ability to select winning stocks.  Dan studied chart patterns 25 to 30 hours per week learning to select stocks that would make big moves, before they moved. As technology and internet stocks took center stage in the stock market in 1997, Dan began to see powerful moves underway. He sold his Porsche for approximately $11,000 to have the necessary capital to jump fully into the market. Over the next year, he parlayed the 11,000 dollars into 18 million with the knowledge acquired over two decades playing the market and re-reading the works of William O’Neil. With this success, Dan was able to become a full time trader and leave contracting behind.

He recommended Darvas’ strategy and told traders that the Darvas System is, “widely used and followed today by the best traders in the world, and still this breakout method is little understood by most…”

Dan Zanger is still a big advocate of Darvas’ teachings and he tells traders that applying the Darvas method will “yield fortunes beyond the reader’s wildest dreams.”

Dan Zanger holds the world record for one-year stock market portfolio appreciation, gaining over 29,000%. In about two years, he turned $11,000 into $42 million.

Zanger was listed by Trader Monthly magazine as one of the top 100 traders in the world with an annual income of $25 million!

Dan Zanger is on twitter @DanZanger

He has a website at and publishes the Zanger Letter

Here are some great videos where he discusses his methods: