The 25 Most Helpful Traders on Twitter in 2013

After almost 2,000 votes being cast in my poll:  “Who has been the most helpful trader on twitter for you in 2013?” here are the final results listed below in order of votes received. These are based on actual votes received, they are not my picks or opinions. Some of these are great professionals that I am familiar with, others I have not heard of but will be checking out off based off all the support from voters and their follow counts. The point of this poll is to find the best traders that are on twitter and are helpful to their followers based on the content of their tweets and their participation. I hope this list will act as a short cut for new traders giving them 25 people to follow and then sticking with the ones that match what they are trying to accomplish in their trading and they find value in.

#1 Ciovacco Capital Management – We manage money for people just like you. Proprietary market model manages risk while pursuing the best global opportunities. Atlanta ·

#2 Chief Strategist T3Live/T3TradingGroup, frequent CNBC/Bloomberg guest, IronMan, devoted Husband & Father. Free morning note: New York, NY ·

#3 Passionate linchpin. Author of bestsellers Trend Following & The Complete TurtleTrader. Podcast: . Global ·


#5 Trend Following Futures and Stocks at Broadsword Capital, LLC. Blogger at Alpha Capture. Free-Market Capitalist, Carnivore, Frontman for . Charlotte, NC ·

#6 Option Trader-Trend Trader-Risk Manager-Mentally Disciplined- Author-Blogger- & Showing New Traders how to survive that 1st year in the markets. Nashville, TN ·

#7 dad, husband, stocks/options trader, poker player, investor , real estate & trading mentor, retired at 34yrs.old More about me at AnywherewithInternetConnection ·

#8 My methodology is a blend of best-in-class tools aiming to identify and trade high-probability setups on both the long and short sides of the market. USA ·

#9 Stocks, Options & Futures Trader 15+yrs, Fitzstock Charts Premium Service, Charts While U Sleep(CWUS). Fitzstock Charts, LLCCleveland, Ohio ·

#10 ETFs, Small Caps and Low Float Stocks Trader. Mexico

#11 Options trader…25 Years…Outside the box Thinker…Just my opinions,thoughts,and comments..not investment advice. Back in Dallas

#12 Trader – Spin Instructor – MFT (look it up) New York

#13 Full time stock trader. This account is used as a personal diary of my chart work! Newsletter/ditto trade/trade alerts via sms/email. Free trials!

#14 7 Day FREE Trial Blog :

#15 Stock Market Chess Player. Poker Limit Hold ’em Grinder. Cinéaste. Licensed Attorney. Si parla italiano. My Vice: Cigars. 12631 ·

#16 Trade What’s Happening…Not What You Think Is Gonna Happen Sacramento ·

#17 Manage funds for clients & self. Interested in quality stocks with liquidity. Enjoy ideas from $$ oriented &serious traders. CHAT ACCESS: [email protected] New York, NY ·

#18 – – – – Independent trader; writer/market analyst – – – – New to the Time Abyss (Twitter) – still learning decorum; apologies if I step on toes Live on Maui; born/raised PA ·

#19 Managing Director at Zor Capital, LLC. I tweet about the stock market, I make stupid jokes, and I’m the father of at least half my children.New York City ·

#20 TRADER of EQUITIES/FUTURES Please don’t buy or sell based on any of my tweets. I am not here to make recommendations only to share my thoughts. USA ·

#21 CIO and Founding Partner Presidium Capital, .Premium Trading Service and Free blog at . CMT, CFA, and long time on Wall St. Cleveland, Ohio ·

#22 I win a lot. New York

#23 World Record Holder Top Swing Trader – Turned $11,000 to over $40,000,000. Global ·

#24 Frequently on CNBC/Bloomberg/Marketwatch. Co-PM at Pension Partners, an investment advisor which manages a mutual fund & separate accounts. RT NOT endorsements. New York, NY ·

#25 Trader trading the trend. Trade in a state of grace. Family friends laughter health and time to play important to me. Living life in alignment with ‘what is’ West Coast

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