Favorite 25 Traders I Follow on Twitter


I have had many polls to find great traders to follow on twitter, I have also shared many different types of people to follow based on your personal preferences. But, here are my personal favorite 25 people to follow on twitter who survive the cut for me every time I try to clear out my follows and keep the ones that fit my personality, add value, and are just plain fun or even addictive to follow. Here are the ones that I follow closely and read the majority of their tweets. I have to keep my list short because there are only so many hours in the day, I thrive to have 25-50 follows at the most at any one time. We have to find people that add value not over whelm us with tweets, and if they answer our questions when we tweet them then they are truly great to follow and interact with.

The master of anti-fragility in trading and in life: Flaneur, with focus on probability (philosophy), probability (mathematics), probability (logic), probability (real life) & Lebanese wine.

I have learned a lot watching Market Wizard Tom Basso share his trading on both facebook and twitter, I admire his style a great deal: Retired money manager and futures/currency trader, golfer, winemaker, and believer in behavioral economics

Trades everything successfully in real time. Hybrid Elliott Wave, break out, momentum trader. I would not have believed he existed if I had not watch him trade in real time for a year: TRADER of EQUITIES/FUTURES Please don’t Buy or Sell based on any of my tweets. I am not here to make recommendations only to share my thoughts.

Professional futures trader, teacher, risk manager, and trading book author: Weissman has over 25 years experience trading. He teaches trading & risk courses for EMI and authored, Trade Like a Casino.

Trend following linchpin, best selling author, best trading podcasts online: Passionate linchpin. Author of bestsellers Trend Following & The Complete TurtleTrader. Podcast: .

My buddy who keeps it real pointing out frauds on twitter when he is not doing great technical analysis and making money in the markets: I trade the Market based on my proprietary strategies. Voted best looking trader on Twitter 2 years in a row.

He scalps your longer term entry signal, he is getting out when you are getting in. He knows more about the Can Slim system than most IBD trainers. He sleeps like a baby because he day traders now.  Trade What’s Happening…Not What You Think Is Gonna Happen

Best option trader I know of on twitter, he has literally turned option trading into a science: I’m a full-time stock and option trader, although my primary focus is options. My objective is to make options easy to understand, and with occasional humor.

Outstanding trend following trader sharing his wisdom on twitter: Systematic momentum trader, 16+ years, Long/Short, MA & Breakout Trend Following programs. Int. to Longer Term. No news, predictions or opinions.

One of the best Elliott Wave analysts on twitter, he trades what is happening:  I am a prop trader combining macro-economic themes, herd psychology, Elliott Wave Theory, Traditional technical analysis and disciplined risk management.

Al Sabogal @alsabogal Full time Equity/Option trader. Former head trader at $10bln HF. Swing/Channel trader using technical analysis to find high probability setups. Post all trades. New York/Charlotte docs.google.com/spreadsheet/cc…

I respect Thierry a great deal he is a successful professional currency trader: Systematic trading in the foreign exchange market. (Site under construction)

In your face trader who is on the right side of the market the vast majority of the time and will tell you all about it:  Full Time Trader/Vixen. Spx/Vix/Gld/Fx. Manages client service

Analytical, facts driven, trend follower: Trend Follower, Market Technician, Blogger, Frontman for . Views my own, not investment advice or related to any professional vocation.

Professional trader that puts out actionable and intelligent analysis while keeping an open mind to the future price action: Ciovacco Capital Management – We manage money for people just like you. Proprietary market model manages risk while pursuing the best global opportunities.

Master of the broadening formation, goes with the flow on time frame continuum, shorts $UVXY because its $UGLY. One of the funniest guys on social media and he pulls no punches:  The PURE Technical Analyst, 20+ years of reviewing every stock in the S & P, every night

The only guy that I have found that has more epic trading quotes from rich traders than I do: A Quest for Financial Independence

No bull shit, real trader, he keeps it real on twitte calling out BS whenever he sees it.:  Stocks/ Options, Sex and Rock & Roll

I love funny trading memes and these are the best on the internet, many of them make me laugh out loud: Trade hard, laugh harder! Only one rule: if you like it share and retweet. Found a good trading meme? Tweet and we’ll share it!

He captures trading wisdom daily and shares it with us: Sharing trading wisdom via Trading Cards & Best Trading Tweets.

I just really enjoy learning interesting information that I will never use: The most unimportant things you’ll never need to know.

Tradeciety – Rolf @Tradeciety From traders, for traders. Wherever there’s a trade tradeciety.com

I have really been finding these pics to be nostalgic and fascinating to look at: Travel through time on twitter!