17 Very Popular Traders on Twitter



While I know follower counts are not the most accurate way to measure the quality and value of a trader’s participation on twitter or if they even really trade. I do believe that the very large amount of followers these have make them people interest and worth checking out. I follow many on this list and think they are pros, some I have not heard of before, and others I know are disliked by many. This is not an endorsement just a blog post of interest to allow readers to check them out for them self. If any have been left out that have over 25,000 followers send me a tweet, e-mail, or message and I will include them on the next most followed poll.

270,000 followers: Paul Kedrosky@pkedrosky Investor & ex-golf course maintenance guy. Previously enigmatic.2,450 m · paul.kedrosky.com

244,000 followers howardlindzon @howardlindzon Chairman/Co-Founder of Stocktwits..GP of Social Leverage (Angel),Wallstrip creator (purchased by ),Momentum, Stocks, Stock Market & LOL hunter..Love Popcorn Coronado · howardlindzon.com

151,000 followers @HamzeiAnalytics Aggressive Equity Options & Index Futures Trend Trader, Nationally Ranked Market Timer and Author of Master Traders. [email protected] (310) 306-12 Chicago · HamzeiAnalytics.com

130,000 followers SheffStation @SheffStation Kids Cancer Superhero & Humanitarian! Biotech Trader, solid record w/ yrs of success. Email sign up. . Disclaimer: US · investorshub.advfn.com/boards/board.a…

121,000 followers Mark Minervini @markminervini Author Trade Like A Stock Market Wizard. Also featured in Stock Market Wizards; America’s Top Stock Traders by Jack Schwager minervini.com

72,400 followers Downtown Josh Brown@ReformedBroker Chairman of the Twitter Federal Reserve about.me/joshuamorganbr…

71,300 followers Michael A. Gayed,CFA @pensionpartners Winner of the 2014 Dow Award. Co-PM at Pension Partners, an investment advisor which manages a mutual fund & separate accounts. RT NOT endorsements New York, NY · pensionpartners.com/terms.php

61,600 followers Nassim N. Taleb @nntaleb Flaneur, with focus on probability (philosophy), probability (mathematics), probability (logic), probability (real life) & Lebanese wine. facebook.com/pages/Nassim-N…

53,700 followers Stockguy22 @stockguy22 dad, husband, stocks/options trader, poker player, investor , real estate & trading mentor, retired at 34yrs.old More about me at AnywherewithInternetConnection · stockguy22.com

51,400 followers: Brian Shannon @alphatrends Chartered Market Technician, Stock Market Trader, Author of Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes, alphatrends.net alphatrends.net

41,800 followers Anne Marie @AnneMarieTrades Day&swing trader-live trading room moderator, coach, grey&black box systems trader-The new Book now available Earth · thetradingbook.com

33,800 followers Keith McCullough @KeithMcCullough CEO, Hedgeye Risk Management Stamford, CT · hedgeye.com

32,500 followers Dan Zanger @DanZanger  World Record Holder Top Swing Trader – Turned $11,000 to over $40,000,000. Global · chartpattern.com

24,800 followers  Nathan Michaud @InvestorsLive DVD Live Trading: Tweets are stock ideas for educational purposes ONLY. Assume I am trading them TRADE YOUR PLAN Windham, NH · investorslive.com

23,300 followers Joe Kunkle @OptionsHawk Founder of {} – Options/Equity Active Swing Trader – See Site for Top Notch Subscription ServicePennsylvania · OptionsHawk.com

23,200 followers traderstewie  @traderstewie 7 Day FREE Trial Blog : theimpatienttrader.blogspot.com artoftrading.net

23,100 followers @RedDogT3Live Chief Strategist T3Live/T3TradingGroup, frequent CNBC/Bloomberg guest, IronMan, devoted Husband & Father. Free morning note: New York, NY · t3live.com