Twitter’s 20 Most Helpful Traders: 2014


Each year, I run a poll to find the most helpful traders on Twitter. This year I had more than 1,000 votes cast, and here are the top 20 most helpful traders according to my readers.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote, and for all the retweets and shares. This is a great list for new traders who are just starting their education.

  1. @Sharptraders 154 votes: I have followed Doug for years and he is an expert in the CAN SLIM system. He currently day trades using chart pattern setups, and his website is one of the best for top stock lists and quantifying chart patterns.
  2. @SJosephBurns 130 votes: My purpose is to help new traders master the basics of risk management, methodology, and trading psychology so they can become more healthy and successful. 
  3. @RedDogT3 104 votes: Scott Redler is the Chief Strategist at T3Live/T3TradingGroup and frequent CNBC/Bloomberg guest. He has an informative tweet stream and gives key levels in markets to watch almost every day.
  4. @ChessNwine 74 votes: Chess considers himself a Stock Market Chess Player. He is a favorite on Twitter for both his charts and market analysis, and for being a really great guy.
  5. @Canuck2usa 73 votes: Dean is simply the best trader I have ever seen in real-time. He trades equities, options, and futures mostly on shorter term timeframes, but also has longer term holdings. I knew Dean on Facebook before he had a Twitter account. He is the #1 trader that I watch, and I am concerned when I am on the opposite side of his trades.
  6. @Northmantrader 60 votes: Northy is the guy that first showed me the fun of bear memes in bull markets. He is a very informative and also an entertaining follow on Twitter.
  7. @Traderstewie 58 votes: He is very popular and runs one of the best tweet streams out there.
  8. @CiovaccoCapital 36 votes: This professional money manager is very generous with sharing his perspective and his market model with his followers. He offers solid market advice and quantitative analysis.
  9. @SunriseTrader 32 votes: Simply one of the nicest guys out on Twitter. He tweets live trades and explains his entries and exits.  He is motivational and inspiring with no other motives except the desire to make friends and share his trading experience.
  10. @JBoorman 30 votes: Jon is a favorite among trend followers for his systematic approach to following the  long term trends in stocks. He throws in plenty of humor and sarcasm to make his stream very entertaining.
  11. @Stockguy22 29 votes: This stock and option trader retired at 34 years old and now shows others how to trade the markets for profits.
  12. @OptionsHawk 25 votes: He is an options/equity and active swing trader known as one of the best option traders on Twitter.
  13. @Alphatrends 24 votes: Chartered Market Technician, Trader, and author of Technical Analysis Using Multiple Time-frames.
  14. @Stt2318 23 votes: He shares chart setups, ideas for watch lists and educates traders on how to achieve consistent profitability.
  15. @DanZanger 20 votes: This master of chart patterns is also the world record holder for stock trading returns.
  16. @WallStJesus 19 votes: Jesus was not on the original ballot, but a flurry of e-mails and Tweets got him enough votes to get in the top 20. He shares a lot of option flow information and unusual option activity that can be actionable.
  17. @Z8angela 17 votes: Angela was a top student of Dan Zanger and went on to create her own trading success. She is one of the nicest and most caring people on Twitter. She shares a lot of great analysis about current market price action and leading stocks.
  18. @Fitzstock2004 14 votes: Fitz believes in trading the trend without emotions or opinions.
  19. @Mella_TA  14 votes: Mella is one of the most fun people on Twitter. She adds a ton of personality as she calls for key market reversals and teaches trading.
  20. @Alsabogal 13 votes: Al is a full time equity/option trader. Former head trader at $10bln HF. Swing/channel trader using technical analysis to find high probability setups. He posts all his trades in public Google documents for everyone to see. He may be the most transparent trader on Twitter.