Make Money Trend Trading
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Here are 10 traders I learned from directly through their twitter presence. These traders helped me in my continuous journey as a trader.

Dean Karrys @canuck2usa taught me that successful active trading on a shorter time frame is possible.

Richard Weissman @TradeLikeCasino taught me that a high winning percentage, and limiting drawdowns, is a path to a smoother equity curve and long term survival.

Michael Covel @Covel taught me the importance of reactive technical analysis versus predictive technical analysis, and to trade signals and avoid the intra-day noise.

Rob Smith @RobInTheBlack has taught me the nature of markets and how to create broadening formations, trend patterns, and the relentless downtrends in leveraged VIX ETNs.

Jack Schwager @jackschwager has distilled the wisdom of this generation’s greatest traders in a way that I can study and learn from.

Christopher Ebert @OptionScientist taught me more about the hidden world of options, indicators, and trade structures, than I could learn in any book.