The Law of Attraction in Trading

The Law of Attraction in Trading

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Trading is a tough business, why not have the Universe rush to our aid and get those profit targets hit faster and more frequently? Even better, can we use the power of this energy to make money all the time?  Yes!  In this article I’ll endeavor to demonstrate how you can harness the law of attraction to milk the market every week. The law of attraction states that everything and anything you pay attention to and simultaneously have a matching emotion to will manifest and find its way into your physical experience.  So if you think that you don’t want to lose on the next trade and your emotions are fearful and you are feeling as if you already lost the next trade, The Universe will hand you the experience to place a trade that will cost you your nerves and pocket! You will likely lose your next trade as you manifested it with negative thoughts and emotions being a perfect match.  There is no definition in the Universe for good or bad.  You can be assured that everything and anything you pay attention to and have a matching emotion towards will find its way into your life, guaranteed.  Note in the example above I didn’t say you’ll lose an active trade, I specifically said you’ll place a losing bet.  There is a delay built in to make sure your spontaneous emotions match your consistent beliefs.  You can’t be in a trade and send good or bad thoughts and matching emotions out, so that price moves in your favor. That’s not gonna happen. For every positive vibe you send there are 1000s against yours. Your battle starts before you initiate a trade. If you have the strategy and wits to come up with good trade ideas, I have a sure fire way for you to bring it home and earn profits. It’s a step by step guide to get your thoughts and emotions to the level it needs to be to make the Universe come to your aid. Thinking that you want to place winning trades isn’t that difficult to master, but matching your emotion is a whole different ball game. So this is how you do it:

First, start describing the overall outcome you want from a trade, think it or write it down, it doesn’t matter. Don’t get specific, think of placing a winning bet that is in line with your strategy or formula and that it will turn out profitable.
Second, think of your strategy and identify it’s strength, your edge. Now get a little specific, recall times where the strategy helped you capture decent profits.
Third, get even more specific, what are you capable of?  What good runs did you have in the past? How much is it possible to make from this one trade?

By now you should feel upbeat about the next trade idea or trading in general. Now that you feel good about trading, think about winning your next trade and feel like a winner, feel the money.  Visualize it with your mind’s eye in detail.  From here on, it’s the waiting game, the forces that you don’t see will get your attention focused on a trade idea that will yield you profits, guaranteed. Don’t let doubt overshadow you because that voids the guarantee. Bury it with the process I shared with you above. Don’t let the darkness inside you scare you and doom you. It’s the light inside of you that everyone should be in awe of. You have a gift, and I just gave you the key to unlock it. If deep down you feel your trading strategy isn’t reliable,  the 3 steps outlined above need support.  Your thoughts, emotions, and strategy need to be realigned.  Head over to It’s my web page where I offer free self teaching courses and also a 3 month Speculators Trading program. Over the span of 3 months, I’ll demonstrate how to identify daily flows and trends in order to generate ideas that you can feel confident about, eliminate doubt and capture profits consistently. I would like to thank Steve for this opportunity to share with you all what has propelled my trading and will hopefully push yours too.

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