10 High Dividend Stocks

10 High Dividend Stocks

Here are ten of the most well known companies that currently have some of the best dividend paying stocks. Buying a well known company listed on a major exchange adds more of a safety margin with high yielding stocks. Adding an income producing stock position to an investment portfolio can add diversification. These are not the best ten dividend yielding stocks, these are the best ten dividend paying stocks from companies you have probably heard of. 

Invesco Mortgage Capital $IVR Inc 11.10%

Sunoco LP $SUN 10.37%

Macy’s $M 9.51%

Telefonica Brasil $VIV 9.44%

Bain Capital Speciality Finance $BCSF 8.64%

Occidental Petroleum Corp. $OXY 7.88%

Iron Mountain $IRM  7.60%

Invesco $IVZ 7.02%

Cedar Fair LP $FUN  6.79%

General Motors $GM 3.98%

**This post is for educational and information purposes only and is not investment advice.**