What is the current Apple market cap?

A company’s value is based on the amount of outstanding shares multiplied by the current stock price, this gives it the company’s market capitalization. I company with one million outstanding shares with a stock price of $100 would have a $100 million dollar market cap: $100  multiplied by $1,000,000 equals $100,000,000.

When did Apple become the first company in history to achieve a $1 Trillion value? Apple first reached a $1,000,000,000,000 market cap value for the first time in August 2018 when its stock price first increased to over $207.04 a share. 

It did lose its trillion dollar market cap later in 2018 as Apple pulled back with the market to lower prices. 

Over time as Apple has bought back millions of its shares and lowered the outstanding share count float the stock price needed for a $1 trillion market cap has increased.

In September 2019 as Apple stock increased back over $223.59 the day after Apple launched the new iPhone and Apple Watch models it regained its trillion dollar market cap and has held it. 

The current Apple market cap is $1.187 trillion dollars with price at $267.25.

Two other companies that also crossed over the trillion dollar market cap valuation at one point were Amazon and Microsoft. 

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Chart Courtesy of TrendSpider.com