Here are twenty of the top trading blogs based on Alexa website traffic rankings. These are diverse trading blogs that cover different markets like trading stocks, options, forex, futures, and crypto. They also cover different topics like trading psychology, market psychology, price action, system development, risk management, and charting. There should be a trading blog on this list that fits every reader’s markets, timeframe, and strategy. These are not just finance or trading websites but ones that blog and write articles for their readers regularly. 

There is a difference between news articles, archived information, and educational trading sites. A trading blog is a website or web page that is regularly updated with new articles at set time periods. Trading blogs started with individuals or small groups writing them but most major financial websites now have blog sections. A trading blog is typically written in an informal and conversational style and addressed to the bloggers and websites specific audience.

Here are 20 of the top trading blogs online based purely on website ranking, popularity, traffic, and how easy they are to find on the web. The number beside each blog website is its Alexa ranking for traffic in the world. 

  1. Blog #190
  2. Stock-Blog #295
  3. #309
  4. Blog #465
  5. Wall Street Journal Blog #433
  6. #1,051
  7. Blog #2,342
  8. #3,881
  9. #6,118
  10. Blog #6,559
  11. Blog #8,231
  12. #9,817
  13. Blog #16,716
  14. #30,253
  15. #38,362
  16. #40,474
  17. #41,484
  18. Blog #41,762
  19. Blog #52,053
  20. Blog #53,637

There is a wealth of free information online at trading blogs and they are a great place to start to build your trading knowledge for free. You can also stay here on (ranked at #59,658 out of all websites online) for over 4,000 free educational trading articles. 

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