What is Fintwit? Fintwit started on Twitter in 2008 as a network of traders and investors who shared financial news, information, charts, economic data, stock picks and forecasts. The website Stocktwits.com was also founded in 2008 with the same concept as the FinTwit community. Stocktwits.com invented the cashtag ‘$’ in front of a ticker symbol to categorize tweets by company name.

Many of the original FinTwit people can still be found on Twitter and Stocktwits.com there is a hashtag #fintwit that is used in some of their tweets. 

I entered FinTwit in 2010, here are twelve of the biggest contributors to the original Fintwit community:













This is a network of financial content contributors you can follow and interact with like-minded people in real time. There are some great professionals that freely share their time and experience along with students of the financial markets that love to share what they learn. Like everywhere online there are imposters and scam artists to be aware of. However the opportunity to watch the conversations, see the charts, read the tweets, and ask questions can be a valuable educational resource for traders and investors. 

If you follow the right financial people on Twitter you can turn your news feed into your own little fintwit educational platform. 

FinTwit is a great way to connect and interact with likeminded people that you would likely never meet in real life. If your friends and family are not interested in the financial markets, trading, or investing this is where you go to find the people who are. 

I have made a lot of great connections with people over the years through FinTwit and had a great overall experience. It is a great place to learn, connect, and make new friendships. 

I wrote a book about FinTwit by interviewing many of the biggest thought leaders in 2016: The Most Helpful Traders on Twitter.

Photo by Brett Jordan from Pexels