This is How Alpha Males Really Act

This is How Alpha Males Really Act

What You Need to Know About Alpha Males

Alpha males – we’ve all heard of them. They’re the men who seem to have it all figured out – they’re confident, assertive, and always seem to get what they want. But have you ever wondered what makes an alpha male tick? In this article, we’ll dive into some key traits that set alpha males apart from the rest and what you can learn from their behavior.

  1. Alpha males hide their feelings
  2. Alpha males self-validate
  3. Alpha males do as they please
  4. Alpha males never let their emotions control their actions

1. Hiding Their Feelings

One of the most intriguing things about alpha males is their ability to hide their feelings. They rarely share their feelings about someone, leaving those around them guessing. While this may drive some people crazy, it’s a power move. The person who needs the other person less, or at least appears to, has the power in a relationship. By hiding their feelings, alpha males keep their mystery and power intact.


  • An alpha male might not immediately respond to a text message from someone they’re interested in, leaving the other person wondering how they feel about them.
  • When asked about their emotions, alpha males might give vague or evasive answers, keeping their true feelings hidden.
  • An alpha male might keep their body language neutral or closed off when interacting with others, not giving away emotional cues.
  • In a conflict or disagreement, an alpha male might not express their true feelings, instead staying calm and collected while the other person becomes emotional.
  • An alpha male might give mixed signals to someone they’re interested in, showing interest one moment and then acting aloof the next, keeping the other person guessing their true feelings.

2. Self-validation

Alpha males have a unique ability to self-validate. They don’t care if other people like them or not, and they don’t seek validation from others. They operate from a place of inner strength and confidence, knowing they don’t need anyone else’s approval to feel good about themselves. This powerful trait allows them to stay true to their beliefs and values without being swayed by external influences.


  • An alpha male might pursue a career or hobby not considered popular or conventional simply because it aligns with their values and interests.
  • When faced with criticism or negative feedback, alpha males might take it in stride and use it to improve themselves rather than seek validation or approval from others.
  • An alpha male might make decisions based on their intuition and gut feelings rather than relying on the opinions of others.
  • When dealing with a difficult situation, an alpha male might rely on their inner strength and resilience to get through it without seeking comfort or validation from others.
  • An alpha male might feel secure in their identity, not needing to conform to societal norms or expectations to feel validated or accepted.

3. Doing as They Please

Alpha males tend to do as they please without seeking permission from others. They are the boss of their lives and make their own decisions without waiting for someone else’s approval. This trait is desirable to women, who admire confident men who take charge of their lives.


  1. An alpha male may pursue a high-paying career in a demanding, lucrative, or prestigious field, like law or medicine, because they have the self-confidence and ego to reach the top.
  2. Many CEOs are alpha males, as it takes a lot of self-confidence to do the job.
  3. An alpha male may decide to pursue a career in a field that is not considered lucrative or prestigious simply because it aligns with their values and interests.
  4. When receiving negative feedback, alpha males may take it as an opportunity to improve themselves without seeking reassurance or validation from others.
  5. An alpha male may trust their instincts and intuition when making decisions without needing to consult with others or seek their approval.
  6. In a crisis or challenging situation, an alpha male may draw on their inner strength and resilience to overcome it without relying on others for comfort or support.
  7. An alpha male may have a strong sense of self and identity, not needing to conform to societal norms or expectations to feel validated or accepted by others.

4. Emotional Control

One of the essential traits of an alpha male is their ability to control their emotions. They don’t let their feelings influence their actions, and they don’t act impulsively. Instead, they maintain a calm and relaxed mindset most of the time, even in challenging situations. This ability to control their emotions allows alpha males to stay in control of any problem and make intelligent, rational decisions.


  • An alpha male might take a deep breath and count to ten when angry or frustrated rather than lashing out impulsively.
  • In a heated argument, an alpha male might remain calm and rational, using logic and reason to make their points rather than getting emotional or defensive.
  • An alpha male might be able to put their personal feelings aside to make tough decisions, such as firing an employee or ending a relationship.
  • When faced with a crisis, an alpha male might remain level-headed and focused, taking decisive action to solve the problem rather than becoming overwhelmed by their emotions.
  • Alpha males can manage their emotions, separating their personal feelings from their professional or social interactions, to maintain a professional or objective demeanor.

What Can We Learn From Alpha Males?

While not everyone wants to be an alpha male, there’s no denying they have some traits worth emulating. By learning from their behavior, you can become more confident, assertive, and in control of your life. However, it’s important to remember that everyone is different, and what works for one person may not work for another. Take the bits of wisdom that resonate with you and apply them to your life, discarding the rest.

In conclusion, alpha males have much to teach us about confidence, assertiveness, and control of our lives. By studying their behavior, we can become better versions of ourselves while staying true to our unique personalities and values.

What is the Best Career for an Alpha Male?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to what careers are best suited for alpha males, as this personality trait can be found in individuals across a wide range of professions. However, specific career paths may be particularly well-suited for alpha males, such as finance, business, or entrepreneurship, where a strong sense of confidence, assertiveness, and risk-taking is valued. Alpha males may also excel in careers that require leadership, such as in the military, law enforcement, or politics, where the ability to make tough decisions and lead a team is essential. Additionally, alpha males may thrive in careers that allow for individual creativity and expression, such as in the arts or entertainment industry, where success often requires a strong sense of personal confidence, vision, and drive. Ultimately, the best career for an alpha male will depend on their unique skills, interests, values, and the specific demands of the industry or field they are pursuing.


Alpha males are often admired for their confidence, assertiveness, and ability to take charge. However, there is more to their behavior than simply projecting a tough exterior. Through careful study of alpha males, we can gain insights into what it means to be in control of our lives. This includes understanding the importance of setting boundaries and saying no to things that don’t align with our values or goals. It also involves recognizing personal worth and prioritizing our needs and well-being. By adopting some of the behaviors and habits of alpha males, we can become more assertive in our personal and professional lives and achieve a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment.