10 Things To Remember When You Feel Stuck (It Will Get Better)

10 Things To Remember When You Feel Stuck (It Will Get Better)

It’s inevitable that at some point in life, you’ll encounter roadblocks. You’ll feel like your progress has halted, and you’re spinning your wheels without getting anywhere. It can be easy to get discouraged and frustrated when you’re in that stagnant state. But there are ways to get yourself unstuck and move forward again. With the right mindset shifts, outside assistance, and consistent micro-progress, you can work through these periods of feeling stalled. This article provides ten tips to remember when you’ve reached one of those stuck points. You can regain momentum by reframing issues, focusing on what you can control, seeking help from others, and taking small actions. With optimism, flexibility, and perseverance, you can get unblocked and continue advancing to your goals.

We all experience feelings of being stuck, blocked, or overwhelmed at some point. It’s easy to get frustrated and lose motivation when you don’t seem to be making progress. Here are ten tips to help you get unstuck and move forward again:

1. This feeling won’t last forever

Remember that this stalled feeling is temporary. You felt motivated and productive before and will feel that way again soon. Remember the big picture — you won’t feel this way forever.

2. Progress isn’t always linear

We expect progress to be a straight line pointing upward. But it’s much more up and down, with plateaus, backtracking, and detours. Appreciate small wins, and don’t get discouraged by slow points.

3. Compare yourself to your past self, not others

It’s easy to look at what others are achieving and feel inadequate. But the only fair comparison is to your past self. Celebrate how far you’ve come, not how far you have to go compared to others.

4. Reframe the problem

Stuck points often come from looking at a problem the same way over and over. Try reframing or approaching it from a different angle. Ask someone else for a new perspective. A shift in mindset can get you unstuck.

5. Take a break

Sometimes, stepping away for a bit is the best thing you can do when stuck. Take a walk, do an unrelated task, or take a nap. Let your subconscious work in the background to get unstuck. Downtime and distraction spur creativity.

6. Ask for help

You don’t have to figure it all out alone. Ask friends, family, or experts for input or support. Getting someone else’s take can reveal solutions. Don’t let pride stop you from seeking assistance.

7. Focus on what you can control

When you feel stuck, it’s easy to fixate on external factors you can’t control. Shift your focus to what you can control — your actions, attitude, schedule, etc. Internal changes may lead to external movement.

8. Be patient and persistent

Meaningful progress takes time and tenacity. Understand that sticking points are part of the process, and resist the urge to give up. With patience and grit, you can work through the stuck points.

9. Believe in yourself

Self-doubt often contributes to feeling stuck. Counter those negative thoughts with affirmations of your abilities and worth. You are capable of figuring this out. Remind yourself of times you persevered before.

10. Keep going one step at a time

When you’re stuck, simply moving forward inch by inch is progress. Break big goals down into micro-steps if needed. If you’re taking action, you will eventually look back, having made tangible progress.

The path to success is rarely a straight one. You can get unblocked by remembering that stuck points are temporary and shifting your mindset. With self-compassion, help from others, and small, consistent steps, you will start moving forward again.

Key Takeaways

  • Feelings of being stalled are temporary – have hope that motivation will return.
  • Progress is nonlinear – appreciate small gains amid setbacks.
  • Compare yourself only to your past self, not others.
  • Examine problems from new angles to gain a fresh perspective.
  • Short breaks can spur creativity and new approaches.
  • Seek outside input – don’t just rely on yourself.
  • Focus your energy on what you can control.
  • Persist with patience – meaningful progress takes time.
  • Believe in your abilities even amid self-doubt.
  • Inch forward with small steps – action breeds progress.


When you inevitably hit those frustrating points where you feel stalled in your goals and progress, it is crucial to maintain a positive, flexible, diligent mindset. This feeling of being stuck will pass. Reframing issues from new angles, soliciting assistance and expertise from others, and making whatever micro-progress you can – no matter how minor – will eventually add up to forward momentum and breakthroughs.

Look to your previous achievements and take heart – they show that you can progress and overcome obstacles. The path is rarely linear, so appreciate small gains and don’t compare yourself unfairly to others. You will regain traction with renewed optimism, input from those around you who offer help or new perspectives, and dogged persistence in taking tiny steps forward every day.

Trust in your skills and keep sight of the bigger picture. Maintain hope and know that the stuck points are temporary, no matter how frustrating. Consistent incremental progress, an adaptable mindset, and belief in yourself will keep you moving ahead to achieve your goals. The stagnation will pass, and you will find yourself back on track.