Pushing Yourself Through Hard Times

Pushing Yourself Through Hard Times

When hard times hit, pushing yourself and persevering can feel insurmountable. Motivation crumples, energy drains, and forward progress stalls as the scope of obstacles towers before you. Hardships test your drive, determination, and resilience like nothing else.

It’s possible to uncover wells of mental strength and resolve to keep moving, even through the adversity that threatens to steal your resolve. By refocusing frequently on your why, chasing consistent small wins, boldly requesting support, and zooming out to maintain perspective, daunting challenges transform into purposeful stretches of personal growth. Perseverance builds the foundation to achieve your most significant visions, deepest desires for self-actualization, and the grandest heights you dare to dream.

Remember Your Motivation

When bogged down in the day-to-day grind of a challenging period, it’s easy to forget the spark that initially excited you. Reconnecting with your core motivations can reignite passion and purpose.

Use journaling to capture your mini-epiphanies about what drives you. Re-read old entries about your goals, values, and vision on difficult days to fuel motivation. Remember how the objectives you’re striving for align with what matters most. Even if the path is painful, understanding how it serves your bigger picture can help you endure short-term troubles.

Break Down Big Goals into Smaller Steps

When facing significant goals–like changing careers or overcoming an illness–it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the scope. You can chunk an ambitious vision into more manageable bits by honing in on smaller milestones.

Rather than only focusing on the result, set process-oriented goals to complete little bits of progress. Define concrete actions you can take today, this week, and this month. Evaluating wins through a short-term lens can provide a boost when the final milestone seems eons away.

Celebrating more minor manifestations of success also provides positive reinforcement that keeps you heading in the right direction. Define what milestone markers would excite you and invent tiny rituals that allow you to honor the small wins along the way.

Celebrate Small Wins

Speaking of small wins, failing to celebrate them is one of the biggest detriments to motivation. When pushing through hard times, the difficulty is often compounded by a sense that you exert tremendous effort with little gain or acknowledgment. No matter how hard you work, the finish line keeps moving farther away.

Combat this by establishing robust systems to acknowledge daily progress and consistency. Share your goals and efforts with a supportive community that can cheer you on. Schedule meaningful rewards that you can eagerly anticipate. Even small rituals like a nice bath after a productive workday, watching your favorite show only after a gym session, or enjoying a refreshing smoothie after an early morning hike can connect positivity to your small acts of perseverance.

When you celebrate small wins consistently, motivation is no longer about waiting months or years to reach the goal. You realize that most fulfillment comes from the tiny triumphs along the way.

Ask for Help When You Need It

Pushing through turbulent times often requires asking others for support rather than struggling alone. However, asking for assistance can be quite vulnerable, especially if your typical persona is highly independent.

Consider which relationships could provide needed support. Brainstorm specific ways they could help practically or emotionally. Maybe you need an exercise buddy to motivate you, a friend to listen as you process challenges, a mentor for guidance, or a family member to help with household responsibilities.

Outline exact phrases to explain what kind of help would be yet compassionately helpful. Rather than broadly complaining about difficulties, tell your support network precisely what they can do to help you continue persevering.

The road through hard times is never easy, but implementing small mindset shifts and strategies rooted in motivation, progress tracking, and support can help you push through the periods that feel endless. Perseverance through challenges forges character, determination, and resilience. Keep your eyes on the horizon for better days, continue putting one foot in front of the other, and know that this, too, shall pass.

Meet Anna: Pushing Forward Through Health Hardships

Anna is a 32-year-old woman who has spent five years building a successful marketing career. However, a debilitating autoimmune disease suddenly began, causing severe chronic fatigue and pain. This health crisis threatened to derail Anna’s demanding workload and busy lifestyle.

Initially, Anna struggled profoundly to push through the limited energy, mobility issues, and medical appointments. She had always prided herself on being highly productive with an overflowing calendar. But now, even everyday tasks feel impossible to tackle.

Anna became determined to fight through this rocky period by refocusing on her motivation, breaking down big goals, tracking small wins, and requesting support. Here’s how:

Reconnecting to Passion

Anna had dreamed about her marketing skills for years, allowing her to launch her agency eventually. Reminding herself of that ultimate vision reignited passion amidst the problematic day-to-day. Even if her capacity was diminished, she could still tiptoe toward her dream career.

Incremental Progress Setting

Since working full 8-hour days was impossible given health limitations, Anna defined a more reasonable interim goal of working just three focused hours per day to move forward strategically with her business plan. Celebrating hitting that new temporary benchmark was incredibly encouraging.

Community Support

Anna swallowed her pride and asked her sister to go to medical appointments for moral support. She also joined an online group for young women battling autoimmune diseases, finding solace in sharing struggles and swapping coping strategies. Though still in pain, she felt far less alone.

While Anna’s health journey continues, the strategies she’s discovered to nurture mental strength and resilience through motivation, purposeful progress, and support have proven invaluable. She moves forward these days with continuing hope instead of immobilizing fear about the future. Anna’s perseverance persists, one day at a time.

Key Takeaways

  • Reignite your inner fire by reconnecting to your core motivations and most cherished goals
  • Construct momentum by setting process-based milestones en route to larger objectives
  • Uplift yourself through consistent recognition of progress made and small wins achieved
  • Build a support squad by proactively reaching out for physical and emotional assistance
  • Redirect under challenging moments by zooming out to see the more extensive picture alignment.


The path to overcoming periods of adversity and hardship relies heavily on mindset, perception, and community. Reflect often on the seminal intentions that spark your deepest ambitions to fuel motivation. Define manageable short-term accomplishments to generate an accrual of tiny triumphs. Celebrate these vigorously, no matter how small they seem, via rituals that enliven your journey. If progress begins to stall, promptly seek support by elucidating how loved ones can uplift and propel you forward.