Solve These 5 Problems Right Now

          Doing your best to risk no more than 1% of total trading capital  per trade, should solve these five problems that traders face: If you only risk 1% of trading capital per trade, you will not experience more than a 10% draw down with 10 consecutive losses. If your trading […]

10 Ways To Manage Trading Stress

  Stay calm. Never trade position sizes that cause you increased anxiety. Stay within your comfort zone. Keep perspective. Keep in mind that one losing trade does not a failure make. If you are risking 1% of your trading capital, it should only be one of the next 100 trades. Stay comfortable. Make sure you […]

Ten Different Types Of Traders. Which One Are You?

          In the markets there are many different types of traders and many motivations that drive them.  Everyone has heard of  different types of traders based on their trading method: Swing Traders, Day Traders, Momentum Traders, etc. But what about different types of traders based on their psychology, their purpose And […]

Trading: Mistakes versus Losses. 10 BIG MISTAKES

          Lose your money,but keep your discipline. Trading is about following a method, system, or rules that give you an advantage over other market participants in the long run. There are good bets and bad bets. There are traders who follow a trading plan with discipline and others that start trading […]

If ‘FIGHT CLUB’ Was About Trading, These Would Be The RULES

          Like in the movie ‘Fight Club’ where there was a secret group of ‘fighters’ that loved what they did there is also a group of ‘traders’ in the market that love what they do so much that they win. In the markets there is a club of traders that make […]