How to be Profitable Trader in 180 Days

This is a guest post by Rayner Teo Let me guess. You’re into trading because you want financial freedom, to make lots of money, and to kiss your boss’s as* goodbye. You learn everything you can get your hands on. Trading books, courses, forums etc. 1 year has passed… 2 years has passed… 3 years […]

What I Look For in a Trading Methodology

A trading system with big wins and small losses is actually easier to be profitable with than a high winning percentage system. It allows the trader to capture a trend for big wins when the opportunity presents itself. Well positioned stop losses and the use of trailing stops can create an asymmetric  trading system that […]

Book Review: Momo Traders

This book is in the Market Wizard format as the author interviews successful and profitable traders at many stages of their journey. Most traders in the book trade six figure accounts and some are millionaires. Many of them trade penny stocks, but are sensitive to the volume and understand the dangers involved in that market, […]

A Big Obstacle for Traders: Time

Day traders can lose money in markets with low volatility. Trend followers don’t make money without a trend and lose money in whipsawing markets. Swing traders can’t make money in tight ranges. Investors lose money in bear markets. Option buyers need trends to make money, and option sellers need small moves in prices to make […]