10 Habits of Highly Profitable Traders

                      Create asymmetry in your trading by using stop losses. Profitable trading only happens by making more money than you lose. Big losses are the main cause of not being profitable. Eliminate big losses by cutting your loss when proven wrong. Have a great risk/reward … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Dodge High Frequency Traders

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                      With the increase in volatility and faster price action in the markets caused by the volume and speed of high frequency traders there are ways to adapt our trading to stay out of much of the randomness and chaos caused by these new market participants. Here are some … [Read more...]

Up Trend Signals Vs Range Bound Signals


There is a big difference between trading up trending markets versus range bound markets. Different signals are profitable in different markets. In up trending markets you can buy high and sell higher profitably, in range bound markets you are rewarded for buying weakness near support and selling near resistance. In up trends a price gap up will begin a new trend of … [Read more...]

10 Signs the Market Is Just Not That Into You

Signs the market is not into you

Once we have a proven system, our system's profitability is not based on our personal ability to trade it. The market environment of trending, range bound, or volatile is what makes our method make money or lose money. Sometimes, we have a perfectly good system and lose money because our method is not viable. A trader should be getting fewer signals in a market that is not … [Read more...]

The 12 Requirements for Profitable Trading

New Trader 101

The right mindset Your have to be able to manage your emotions. You have to have faith in your ability to trade your plan with discipline. You have to do enough homework that you will have faith in your system and your prospects of being profitable. You must manage your stress so you don't make mistakes because of mental wear and tear. The management of … [Read more...]