DK1 @canuck2USA Says Read These Books


With so many people on Twitter looking for a trading book or book recommendations by @canuck2usa, I have decided to compile a list of his tweet recommendations. I have read many of these myself, and they are truly some of the best. These are a great mixture of Elliott Wave, options, momentum trading, psychology, risk management, and rich trader methodologies.    The Bible of … [Read more...]

Tradeshark Software Review: Jack Schwagers Technical Trading Tools

Jack Schwager has personally interviewed the greatest traders of our time. He has published several timeless classics, among them my favorite trading book of all time "Market Wizards". I was thrilled when I heard that Mr. Schwager had developed his own technical indicators, and they were available through TradeShark was generous enough to set me up on their … [Read more...]

Trading Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

Learning is Required

  "You adapt, evolve, compete or die." - Paul Tudor Jones Learning to trade is an evolution of trader and system. You have to continually learn and grow as a trader. The markets are dynamic and we must continual learn to refine our system. Our losses must be our lessons, our wins must be our blueprints to future victories. Here are the lessons that I learned … [Read more...]

Trading Methods That Lose Money

Trading Methods that Lose Money

Trading is difficult because no method, system, or style works in all markets, all the time. Profitability is primarily a result of losing small when you are wrong, and maximizing profits when you are right. Knowing and trading your edge is the best path to profits. Here is who makes (or loses) money in different types of markets: Trend followers make money when a strong … [Read more...]

The Path to Profitable Trading is the source of this image.

    The path to profitability Commit to doing the work required to be a successful trader. Create a trading system that captures trends in your time frame. A trader has to be on the right side of the trend in their time frame. The path of least resistance is where you will find the best odds of profitability. Trade with a plan so your decisions are … [Read more...]