AAPL Listen to the Chart

The good news for Apple investors is that it is one of the hottest companies in the world and should continue to grow as it continues its dominance of the tablet market.

The bad news is that everybody already knows that.

The chart of Apple is one of the clearest due to the massive volume of interest and trading by professionals  and amateurs, not to mention the massive holdings of tech index funds and managed mutual funds.

The 50 day simple moving average is the level to watch for entries both long and short.

Historically on the chart it is bullish when buyers are willing to buy Apple above the 50 day simple moving average and bearish when buyers could not be found above this mark. It did not give maximum profit by selling at the top Bollinger band because it simple kept trending up and expanding the price range historically. This is a monster trending stock when it gets going and the best way to trade it is to let it run and take profits when the price is about 10% above the 50 day sma and reenter long when it bounces off the 50 day. The 50 day is the reversion to the mean of price and presents a buy opportunity and a shorting opportunity. When shorting at the loss of the 50 day the best place to cover is either at a retracements back above the 50 day which means the bears were wrong or at about 5% below the 50 day for a quick profit and  if history repeats itself at the last bull stand off at  the the 200 day would be the ultimate bear prize, that is the best place to cover if you get the opportunity of a continued trend down.

Only risk 1% of your total capital per trade so if you have $40,000 then you should be trading 100 shares or 1 option contract and stopping out if you have a $4 move against you per share or lose $400 in option contract value. This will keep the risk of ruin from your door and your emotions under control.

Listen to the chart history to see where the buyers and sellers live.