Why Traders Should Vote for Ron Paul for President

Ron Paul could not only do wonders for this country by keeping us out of wars that are fought for questionable reasons, allow producers to benefit from their own labors, and fight for the freedom of citizens and against the government seeking to invade our lives with endless laws and regulations. He would be great for the free markets by restoring supply and demand as its operating principles and allowing investors and bond holders  to choose the winners and losers in the markets  instead of the federal government.

Here are the top ten reasons why traders would love Ron Paul as President:

  1. No worrying about Federal Reserve interest rate announcements becasue they would be abolished and interest rates would be set by the private sector.
  2. Traders could confidently short stocks and not have to worry about a government bailout saving them from bankruptcy.
  3. No company would be too big to fail, or too protected by the Feds to short.
  4. Investors and traders who bet on the right company would benefit with less competition from zombie competitors that the government saved on their death bed.
  5. The free markets would be allowed to work so traders could actually bet on supply and demand instead of government intervention.
  6. No more bubbles created by the FED’s manipulation of interest rates and debt purchases just free markets functioning based on reality.
  7. No more government sponsored entities like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae just investor sponsored corporations.
  8. Lobbyists would  still pandering but losing power to grab goodies from the government coffers.
  9. Investors and bond holders would lose money when a company is mismanaged not tax payers.
  10. Capitalism could actually be allowed to work with consumers and investors picking winners not the government.

Ron Paul 2012!