10 reasons $AAPL can go to $500+ in 2012

Apple is just too big to keep growing. The droid is taking market share from the iPhone. Can Apple keep its dominance with Steve Jobs passing? I say yes, absolutely, this company is the modern day monopoly that is just so big and so good it gobbles up competitors with no effort. Its only real competition is itself.

As I walked around the tablet section in Best Buy on Christmas Eve I was surprised that no one was in the tablet section, I mean GHOST TOWN. I was  waiting to purchase my wife an iPad for Christmas, but could not find it with the other tablets. Their was a crowd around another section off to the side. I discovered that it was the iPad station. They were out of black iPads so I had to get a white one. That was one of those anecdotal moments that you really see something has changed. To buy someone anything but an iPad is like getting a generic cola instead of a Coca-Cola. I think investors have underestimated the very value of the name and symbol of Apple along with their world changing technology, products, and style. I have traded price and not fundamentals for years but putting on my old technofundamentalist hat, I believe Apple is not done, it can still expand its P/E, run to all time highs, and be the major recipient of price growth of a true Bull market.

There is no reason that Apple can not retake its all time high like it has done for the past 8 years and keep on going based on technicals and fundamentals.

  1. Apple changed the world and continues to change the world through better technology.

  2. Traders earnings expectations will be huge with Apple’s dominance in the tablet market, the iPhone all over again.

  3. Investors and Traders will be very bullish on Apple with all the iPhones, iPads, and Macs that they see all around them.

  4. Traders trade confidently with the supports at the 50 day and 200 day moving averages.

  5. It is a mutual fund darling, they love it and support its price for their own sake.

  6. With a forward P/E under 11 even value investors can get on board.

  7. Huge option interest with weeklies and great liquidity will keep option traders in the mix.

  8. Who will benefit from being judged by earnings and not dragged down by the ECB bad debt market tide>> Apple.

  9. It is a true monster stock in all sense of the definition, NOTHING has changed.

  10. They will be the recipient of the growth of the tablet market with little to no compositors to even concern themselves with.

If we do fall into a bear market Apple is the stock to watch and snatch up at the 200 day moving average it is a gift from the market gods at that price. You still have to use stops and position size appropriately but if you enter at that level you could benefit like others have over the past year.