Top Ten Must have Trading Books


In my reading of over 200 books on trading and the stock market I think ten stand above the rest for their ability to compress trading wisdom into an easy to digest formula that anyone can read and understand. I also reviewed all of the trading books I read on Amazon here is a link to my profile for those so inclined to wade through my 683 reviews to get to the ones on trading. These books along with learning through trading over the past thirteen years has been the key to my six figure successes.

If New Trader University was a brick and mortar campus instead of a blog these would be the offered courses with the text books you would have to buy to attend class.

Trading 101 New Trader, Rich Trader by Steve Burns The 18 principles shared by the vast majority of all rich traders.

Trading 102 Sell and Sell Short by Alexander Elder A rich trader shows the importance of mastering the elements of method, money management, and the mind to become a successful trader.

Risk Management 101 A Trader’s Money Management System by Bennett McDowell Learn how to manage against all types of risk while trading.

Risk management 102 Trade your way to Financial Freedom by Van Tharp This book covers all the most important elements of trading but the author explains clearer than anybody how to trade as risk as your primary measurement of success. Learn how to use multiple of risk to measure your risk/reward ratio. Author Van Tharp also clearly explains the danger of the risk of ruin when you trade to big.

Trading Stocks Stocks 101 How I made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market by Nicolas Darvas The true story of on of the greatest stock traders in history and how he used all the most important principles of trading for success to make millions in the stock market.

Trend Trading Stocks 102 How to Trade in Stocks by Jesse Livermore How one of the richest traders in history traded stocks.

Trend Trading Stocks 103 How to Make Money in Stocks by William O’Neil This money is worth its weight in gold it gives readers the charts of the best performing charts in history and also gives the exact fundamentals the greatest stocks in history had before their big runs up in price.

Trend Following 101 The Little Book of Trading by Michael Covel A great place to start to understand how trend following trading works.

Trend Following 102 The Trend Commandments by Michael Covel The principles of trend following trading put forward in simple to understand language.

Trend Following 103 Trend Following by Michael Covel Everything you ever wanted to know about how trend following works, how the professionals operate, and why it works.

These are the top ten must have trading books for every trader to have on the top shelf of his library.