The Green Berets of Stocks






Just like  members of the US Army Special Forces stand out as being special for their green berets, stocks that have green prices on days when the majority of the market is in correction are very special also. These are ones to add to watch lists, study charts, look at the story of the company, and decide if it is one to buy. If they are ones to buy for your own account then you have to wait for the right entry timing off a key moving average or a break out to new highs. These green prices in a sea of red says that even when the majority of stocks are being dumped these are being accumulated, their owners are holding on and the odds are that professionals are stepping in to continue to build positions in these leaders in anticipation of increasing earnings and prices. In corrections mutual fund managers still have to be invested in stocks they do not have the luxury of just going to cash like independent investors and traders. The ones with the best relative strength in a sell off shows us all which ones they are holding on to the tightest and even adding to when opportunities present themselves. Clues to future wins.

Here are some green berets for your watch list> $AAPL $PCLN  $CMG $LQDT $QCOR $SAVE $EC $FOSL $VAL $ORLY