You Might be a Bad Trader if:






In the spirit of Jeff Foxworthy’s: You might be a redneck comedy routine, here is my take on bad traders.

You Might be a Bad Trader if:

…You are 100% sure about a trade being a winner so you have no need to manage risk.

…You go all in on one trade and  it will make you are break you.

…You like to buy deep out of the money stock options not understanding how bad the odds are on them.

…You love directly giving unsolicited advice to other traders due to not understanding they have different trading plans and time frames.

…You are so new to trading you think it is a place of easy money.

…You think traders that talk about risk management and trader psychology are silly and that you are above that.

…You brag to much about your account size and last trade, it indicates to me you do not understand the long term in the markets.

…You are very loud about your winners but never discuss your losing trades.

…You brag to much.

And You Might really be a bad trader if: If you attack trading principles that you do not even fully understand due to lack of real trading.