Trading Success: How bad do you want it?

  1. Do you want trading success bad enough to read one hundred quality trading books?
  2. Do you want it bad enough to review charts for hours? EVERY day?
  3. Do you want it bad enough to find the right mentor to help you in your trading quest?
  4. Will you attend the right seminars if you need to?
  5. Will you learn from the greatest traders in history? Will you study them with focus? Will you really listen to their lessons?
  6. Will you take your losses when it is time? Will you accept that you were wrong about a trade?
  7. Will you get back in the game after 10 straight losses?
  8. Can you accept it may take years to be a successful trader but still put in those years?
  9. Are you willing to understand what holds you back as a successful trader and fix it? The checklist is THE RIGHT METHOD, THE RIGHT MINDSET, with the RIGHT RISK MANAGEMENT. Your success in the markets rests on this trifecta of trading.
  10. Will you make up your mind that you will pay the price that is needed to be a successful trader? If you have made up your mind to never quit until you succeed at trading then all that separates you from your goal is TIME.