The Top 10 Distinctions Between Winning Traders & Whining Traders






There are two different types of traders, one that wins and one that whines. Whiners never win and winners never whine. Trading is a tough business and your have to be able to keep the right mind set to get you through the rough spots when the markets starts try to  buck you off your game plan and system. Mental strength more than any other one thing will determine your success. You can come back from losing your whole account but you can’t come back from completely losing your faith and confidence. Your mind must be one of a winning trader do not entertain internal or external whining. Keep the faith, stay focused on your long term destination and what it will take to get there.

Winning traders take responsibility. Whining traders play the victim.

Winning traders take the right entries. Whining traders get in too early or too late and miss the opportunity.

Winning traders find a way to make money. Whining traders find an excuse why they did not.

Winning traders add value by entering a trading discussion. Whining traders add value by leaving a trading discussion.

Winning traders study ten times as much as they trade. Whining traders trade ten times more than they study.

Winning traders enjoy the game and the profits. Whining traders enjoy their delusions of the big score.

Winning traders build a mentor relationship. Whining traders think they are a mentor.

Winning traders are realistic about their possible returns. Whining traders are delusional about what returns are probable for them.

Winning traders are focused on their trading expertise. Whining traders are scatter brained and their style drifts to what they think will work.

Winning traders approach their trading as a business. Whining traders approach their trading as a hobby or gambling.