10 Things You Might Like If You Are a Trader






The great thing about the modern social media world is that we have the ability to connect with like minded people. While being facebook friends and following traders on twitter it is amazing how like minded many of us are. There are ten interests that are very common among traders and the odds are that you will likely have at least seven of them. I would be very surprised if you are a trader and have less than four. For some reason if we like trading we like these things also. I am guilty of all ten.

How many of these do you like?

  1. Most traders are politically for free markets, capitalism, and freedom. Most are Libertarians or Republicans.

  2. The majority of traders are big fans of Ayn Rand, or at least her book Atlas Shrugged because they see entrepreneurs as heroes.

  3. Most traders love sports because they love competition and respect team work and a strong work ethic along with the statistics.

  4. Most traders enjoy math because they love the study of probabilities, percentages, and compound growth or returns.

  5. Traders enjoy learning, they read books, study charts, go to seminars, and never quit being students of the markets.

  6. Traders enjoy the study of how economics works, supply and demand, buyers and sellers, and production and consumption are interesting topics to the majority of traders.

  7. Some traders even love gambling games where it is possible to develop a small edge at times like Poker, Black Jack, or studying handicapping and betting on horse racing.

  8. Many traders love games of skill and strategy like chess, Risk, Monopoly, or the game Civilization..

  9. Other traders love to unwind with games that are random and fun and full of numbers like Yahtzee or Bingo

  10. Traders love trading the financial markets because it is like the biggest puzzle, challenge, and game that there is. It takes all their skills of the mind, of doing the math, and accepting the uncertainty and risk. THEY LOVE THE ULTIMATE GAME>> TRADING.