If Will Smith Was a Trader This Would Be His Advice






  1. You have to love trading to do the work that takes you over the hump to winning.

  2. Successful traders are not born, they are built through hard work and discipline.

  3. Trading is not complicated, discipline, perseverance, risk management, passion, and a winning method that fits your personality is all you need. If you have them you will win, if you are missing one you lose.

  4. Where you are currently as a trader is not where you have to stay, the right homework done with an open mind can move you into a different place.

  5. Trading skill is built through work ethic.

  6. You must dedicate yourself to winning at trading. Every day you improve by working at it.

  7. You win by working harder than your competition.

  8. How do you win at trading? One day at time making great decisions day after day.

  9. There must be deep personal meaning to your trading. Financial independence, providing for your family, wealth, you must have a driving force.

  10. If you want to be a successful trader you must believe 100% in yourself that you will succeed. This is the first step.

  11. Traders should just plan 100% on being successful in trading a plan B just distracts the trader from success.

  12. You have to believe you will end up in the 10% of winners, this has to be a solid belief you can not waver from.

  13. When you decide to be a trader you have to believe that only time separates you from your goal.

  14. Don’t be realistic about your trading be unrealistic and plan to win and win big.

  15. Traders must guard their minds carefully, beliefs will come true.

  16. Choose to be in the top 10% of traders, decide where you want to go.

  17. To win at trading you must focus on it, be obsessive with your heart and creativity.

  18. Let the fear of failure motivate you to do the work to succeed.

  19. Don’t ever let some one tell you that you can’t succeed, guard your dreams.

  20. Do not stop until you win and win BIG.