My Top 10 Most Liked Blog posts of 2012

My Top 10 Most Liked Blog posts of 2012

In reviewing my blog posts for 2012 it was interesting to see what posts my readers took the time to give a facebook like to. While I may have 1000 readers a day it is a thumbs up when someone takes the time to ‘like’ the post. I take that as they really like it a lot. So here are the top ten blog posts that readers ‘liked’ in 2012.

#1 Van Tharp On Risk Management With 221 likes how to manage risk seems to have went viral.

#2 10 Things A Trader Needs to Give Up if They Want to Make Money With 105 likes it seems that traders love to learn what to leave out as much as what to put into their trading.

#3 10 Things A Trader Needs to START DOING if They Want to Make Money 62 likes were generated when traders learned things that they needed to start doing.

#4 40 steps in the Traders Journey While the traders journey is a difficult one 53 people liked learning about the path to take.

#5 What is Quadruple Witching Friday? I was surprised that 51 people liked learning about what exactly quadruple witching day was. I thought it may have been boring for readers, I was wrong.

#6 7 Things Each Trader Has To Accept If They Want to Trade A lot of progress is made when we accept certain things about the markets and 48 were ready to accept that with a like.

#7 13 Things Successful Traders do Differently There are very clear differences between what winning traders do versus losing traders and 46 people liked learning the difference.

#8 Top Ten Reasons I am Short Facebook At one point this year my facebook put options took me to my equity peak of a 75.3% return. Unfortunately the reversal was fast and furious and I was stopped out coughing up huge paper profits. 45 readers liked this short play.

#9 The 4 Horsemen of the Failed Trader 40 people liked learning what to avoid in their trading.

#10 Top 7 Traders On Twitter 39 people liked hearing who my picks were for the top 7 traders on twitter. This was so popular that I decide to poll readers for their picks, so far many of my picks have made the top seven on the voting poll. VOTE HERE