Top 25 Most Helpful Traders in the Twitterverse

While I am aware that this was not a scientific poll, I do believe it reflects who traders find helpful in the twitterverse. I am familiar with almost everyone who made the top 25 in voting. You will notice that the top picks were also the ones that usually contribute the most in charting for free. Many of the great traders with paid services may have not received as many votes from people who do not subscribe to their services. I am very pleased with this final list of 25 and it will be great to use this list as the ballot for next year. My apologies for leaving off some great traders from my original ballot from either me not knowing of them or just plain over sight. Next year I will do a better job with this poll,using a different service. I am aware of many flaws. I am very happy with the final results however, and believe this list is a great follow list for any trader that wants a live tweet stream while trading for information and ideas.

#1 @sharptraders If you want charts classified by patterns, Doug does this all day and night on his website. Tons of free charts.

#2 @Fitzstock2004 I can personally say I saw Fitz in all my biggest wining trades all year in 2012. His 10 day Apple sma system was a huge winner this year, like me he uses options for managed leverage and controls risk. He is one of my top follows.

#3 @gtotoy Goat runs the day traders boot camp service and from the votes it appears he has many happy customers.

#4 @RedDogT3Live Scott is a professional and shares his trades and knowledge each day with his 10,000+ followers. it doesn’t get better than Scott.

#5 @z8angela Angela was a top student of world record holder Dan Zanger, she is a master chart technician who can day trade or trade a momentum stock for big gains for longer time periods when the opportunity is there. Angela is a kind, sweet, giving person also. She is a must follow.

#6 @SJosephBurns Well, I am honored to be on this list. I probably had an advantage because 100% of my followers saw this survey. My specialties are risk management, trading psychology, trend trading, and weekly options.

#7 @DanZanger World Record Holder and Top Swing Trader – Dan turned $11,000 to over $40,000,000. Dan Zanger is a modern day Nicolas Darvas, he has run hedge funds and is the master of trading momentum stocks using chart patterns. Dan’s web site is a treasure trove of educational material. He also writes the Zanger letter. He got my vote.

#8 @traderstewie Great trader, great rules, and a great follow.

#9 @HCPG I love their work, very solid.

#10 @TraderFlorida The legend of Trader Florida is that he is a former student of Dan Zanger. He is a master chart reading and calling  the big trends. He creates free chart videos almost every day on Stock Twits. I have seen him hall $100 and $200 runs in stocks in both directions. There is much debate of Trader Florida on twitter. However his followers made sure he was in the top ten with multiple write in votes under other on the poll. He placed the highest on the poll without even being on the ballot. Impressive.

#11 @Mextrader Here is a top trader for Spanish speakers.

#12 @bclund I really enjoy his blogs they are very personal and he ties life and the markets together very well.

#13 @SunriseTrader He has no agenda on social media, he is just a great trader looking for some camaraderie in this game. Sunrise is very friendly and probably does the best job of anyone balancing life against trading and social media.

#14 @jfahmy Joe runs I enjoy is tweets and thoughts on the market. He his usually a goldmine for retweets.

#15 @ZenPenny1 ZenPenny has very passionate followers who say his trading winning percentage  is just amazing.

#16 @ChartLearning Jason creates a lot of in depth free chart work. I have learned from following him.

#17 @The_Real_Fly This guy is a straight shooting trader and very entertaining.

#18 @Fibline Honest and up front trader sharing his chart knowledge often.

#19 @alphatrends He has many passionate fans and I got a lot of people demanding he be on my next list after I sent out my personal favorite 7 tweeters on my blog.

#20 @DarvasTrader Darrin has been one of my favorite follows since I started on twitter a few years ago. He has one of the very best blogs on trading at and writes one of the top newletters in the trading business.

#21 @covel Michael Covel is the linchpin of trend following traders. He entered this business through the portal of managed futures learning from the top money managers in the world. He was the key to my trading success with his books and website.

#22 @Legacy_Trades Legacy Investments & Development, LP is a Family Office that actively trades the US markets.

#23 @chessNwine I got personally chewed out so many times about him not being on the original ballot options I will always have him at the top going forward.

#24 @smartertrader He has a tremendous fan base and uses options for monster trades. Like me he is a momentum trader using options to amplify returns.

#25 @Markdman579 I do not know anything about this trader, his tweets are even secured. He appears to be a futures trader that uses twitter as his trading journal.

I am happy with this list and thanks to everyone for voting. This will be the 25 person ballot for next year if they are all still in the trading game. I will make it more controlled and scientific next year. Thanks to everyone who participated I thought it was very fun and informative.

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