Why I Trade: The Top Ten Reasons

There are many reasons I trade, I do not trade just for the money. Money is just a tool, I trade for what can be accomplished with the right amount of money. I trade for peace of mind, I trade for financial freedom, I trade so I can get up in the morning and do what ever I choose to do. I do not have to do anything, I choose to do it. That is the ultimate freedom and peace of mind that comes from huge reserves of capital and potential income from trading.

  1. I trade because the markets provide much more opportunity for money than a 9 to 5 job. With a job it could take 30 years to pay for a house with trading in the right environment it could take one year.

  2. I enjoy the greatest game on earth, there is nothing more challenging than being rewarded for managing risk, your mind, and your robust system.

  3. Where else can you make $100 an hour than in trading?

  4. Everyone should profit from multiple sources of income, if you work for a great company you should be an investor not just a worker.

  5. The sweet taste of a big  victory in trading is well worth the struggle and strain.

  6. I trade for my family, I can provide well for them through my trading.

  7. Building a huge base of capital eliminates the stress of working paycheck to paycheck.

  8. By becoming a good trader I have the money to solve many of my life’s problems.

  9. I trade to set myself free forever from working for corporate America.

  10. I trade because I am a trader this is what I do.