Regardless of anyone’s opinions we are in an up trending market. Potentially the beginning of a baby bull. With that said it is time to look for leading stocks and potential monster stocks for this market cycle not short plays. Here are three stocks I will be watching closely on Monday for entries into using call options.


















KORS is approaching a break out point at $58.62 this has the makings of a monster stock in this baby bull market with earnings out February 12th before the bell we have time to ride a trend that develops. I will be taking a position using call options on a break out above the 52 week high with a trailing stop using the old high as an end of day stop or the bottom of a gap up day if that happens Monday. I have never understood this company or its story. My wife does, she LOVES it and its products. She explained to me that Michal Kors was on the TV show “Project Runway” and she loves his work. The concept seems to be “affordable luxury” for all. Regardless I will trade the chart on a break out and let it run if that plays out.


















While I prefer Priceline to trade, it ran away from me Friday after I bought a daily call option when the stock was at $695 I sold that call for a day trade. Now PCLN is over heated and even I won’t chase it at those levels.  TRIP has a much better set up to trade breaking out of its base at $46 ignoring that nasty candlestick reversal. I will be a buyer of TRIP Monday as it breaks above $46 using call options. Online travel is a sector that can move quickly.


















Old Monster stock Google is setting up nicely in the buyable gap up. A break out and close above $760 will be very bullish. I would like to get in at a pullback to $750 or the 5 day ema if the opportunity presents itself but I will buy a break out above $760 if I need to. Google may be the monster stock of 2013 its story, chart, innovations, and earnings are lining up very nicely. GOOG has set itself up as a big part of the internet interwoven into so many areas.

Here are my plans for Monday. Of course these are just my thoughts everyone needs to trade their own plan and manage their risk at all times.