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 happyface  The market is too high, so I am going to go short. It has to go back down.

face2  I don’t need a stop loss because I know I am right.

face3  Hmmm…it went higher? That is just crazy! Now it is wayyyy too expensive. I will short more, because it has to go down soon.

face4  See, it stopped going higher! I am right!

face5.  Well, even though it turned around and started going higher, these are the just the suckers rushing in. Once they stop buying, it will go down.

face6  Today it went through all-time highs. This is resistance, it can’t go any higher!

face7 Wow, a gap up. Now this is just ridiculous! I need to be patient and it will come back down. I can’t buy to cover now and lock in these paper losses. 

face8  Margin call? I will add some money to my account. The sell-off will be here soon.

face9 Okay I surrender! I can’t take any more of this pain. I will buy to cover my shorts.

face10  What? It has just been a day! How can it be reversing, and falling to a support level on a correction??