The New Book I Call “The CAN SLIM Wizards”

The New Book I Call “The CAN SLIM Wizards”

The New Book I Call “The CAN SLIM Wizards”I really enjoyed this book because it shows real life examples of investors and traders who made huge gains following the principles and strategies of William O’Neil’s book “How to Make Money in Stocks” and the paper Investor’s Business Daily. Somewhat like the “Market Wizards” series from Jack Schwager, author Amy Smith distills the principles from successful CAN SLIM practitioners.

The book also has charts showing exact buy and sell points that the successful traders made and the specific patterns that caused them to buy, whether it was a stock breaking out of a cup with handle pattern or on a breakaway gap up after earnings. Also you will see the stock charts where these investors held a stock for long periods of time and the exact points where they added to their position along with the reasoning and also how they sold to finally lock in profits on either a climax top out in price or if the stock broke under the 50 day simple moving average on volume.

This is a gem of a book, showing how real everyday people changed their lives through the teachings of William J. O’Neil and Investor’s Business Daily. Many held stocks for 25% to 100% returns and more. Many made six figure returns and even became millionaires trading through compounding returns for years with the right stocks in a true bull market.

The key to the system is buying the stocks in the companies that are changing the world at the right time out of of the right base inside a bull market running up in a strong trend.

Most have studied the rules, principles, and concepts in IBD and “How to make money in stocks” this book shows the art of putting it all together for great investment returns by using successful stories straight from the people who made money in stocks using this specific method. 

Amazon Book Link Here:  How to Make Money in Stocks Success Stories: New and Advanced Investors Share Their Winning Secrets