Ten Things New Traders Need to Quit Doing if they Want to Be Successful

  1. Quit trying to hit big home run trades that stress you out and make you watch every price tick all day and focus on a winning trading method.
  2. Risk a little to make a lot and stop risking a lot to make a little.
  3. Quit giving back all your profits in one big trade gone bad.
  4. Trade what you know and quit trading things you know little about.
  5. Quit asking for trades from other traders and go back to writing your own trading plan.
  6. Quit being stubborn about your opinions and flexible with your stops. You need to be flexible with your opinions and stubbornly take your stop losses when they are hit. 
  7. Quit being bullish in a down trend and bearish in an up trend.
  8. Quit buying break outs in a range bound market. 
  9. Quit taking trades when their are no good entries, learn to quit trading at the wrong time and start waiting until the right time. 
  10. Quit worrying about being right all the time and start worrying about making money over the long term.