That Day The New Trader Wakes Up Looks Like This…..

That Day The New Trader Wakes Up Looks Like This…..


That Day The New Trader Wakes Up Looks Like This…..

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          At some point traders should have that break through day where they are tired of losing and ready to start making money. There should be a day where eyes are opened that what we were doing was just not working. We are ready for change, we are ready to listen, and learn. We have the desire and energy to do the hard work of learning what really works in the markets. This usually comes only after we are humbled or have lost half of our trading account. A light bulb comes on and we realize we are not smarter than the markets, we are probably not special, and winning is based primarily on risk management, understanding the big picture on price action, and mental discipline not cleverness. When we are ready we stop doing the things that cause of to lose and start doing the things that will help us to win.

That day we quit dreaming about what you will make and start focusing on what we could lose.

That day when we quit listening to gurus and start listening to price action.

The day we quit asking for opinions and start listening to what the chart action is saying to us.

That one day we focus more on the price action and less on talking heads on financial news channels.

There will be that day when we stop shorting directly into strength and buying weakness and wait for some reversal confirmation first.

That day we start holding our opinions lightly but follow our stop losses tightly.

We stop trading randomly and start using a plan.

That day we quit chasing moves and wait for an entry signal.

The day we stop fighting price action and start trying to flow with it.

The one day we care more about making money than proving we are right is when everything changes.