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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Disciplined Traders                                 Emotional Traders

Trade a defined trading plan.               Trade based on emotions.

Manage risk.                                               The more confident they are the bigger the trade.

Exit based on predetermined stop.      Exit due to fear.

Enter based on a set up.                          Enter based on greed.

Exit a trade when wrong.                       Hold a losing trade to prove they are right.

Trade based on price action.                 Trade based on their opinions.

Do the homework.                                    Believe they are special.

Only want to make money.                    Want to prove something to some one.

Lose and move on to the next trade.   Blame someone after a losing trade.

Trade with focus and calm.                   Trade with stress and strong emotions,

Have a steady state of mind.                 Have huge swings in moods.

No one trade means much.                    Over celebrate wins

                                                                       and get depressed over losses.