Each stock is different with how it reacts to support and resistance levels and what what moving average support it gets in an up trend. Facebook has not been an overly powerful momentum stock, the chart looks like one under steady institutional accumulation. Facebook is not a stock that you must buy at break outs it gives traders and investors plenty of time to buy it with each trip back to the 5 day ema. Much like $TSLA buying it and holding it with a stop at a close below the 20 day sma would have kept you in the trade if that is your style. If you want an entry level to get you on the Facebook Monster Stock Bus the 5 day ema has been where the stock circles back to pick up more passengers. A buy at the last break above the 5 day with a stop at an end of day close below would have kept you long since August 19th. This is one of my trend trading methods in the best trending monster stocks. Only the very best stocks pull this support level off for so long.