My Favorite 16 Traders to Follow on Twitter


I have searched twitter for years trying to create a valuable tweet stream for myself and here are the 16 twitter accounts that I have found that are great traders themselves, informative, fun, witty, nice, and generous. Many different types of traders and I could have easily made this a list of all the 40+ people that I follow but we all have different tastes and I think these 16 will appeal to most other serious traders. Many of these people also come with resources outside their twitter feeds, I would use what they offer. I am very picky with who I follow on twitter. I do not unfollow necessarily because anything is wrong with the person tweeting, I unfollow simply because they do not ‘fit’ with my style of trading or they tweet too much or too little to be valuable to my tweet stream. Well here are the 16 people on twitter that I think will appeal to a broad audience of traders of many different trading styles and methods. I recommend following all of these traders on twitter.

   Dan Zanger for me is like interacting with a modern day Nicolas Darvas, the man set the world record for stock trading and went on to manage a hedge fund. He does have a website and shares his trading thoughts and plans through a newsletter.


Dean Karrys is simply one of the best traders I have ever seen in live action both on facebook and now twitter. His knack for accuracy in trading bounces and breakouts are uncanny and I have seen this in real time for over a year now with timestamped entries and exits. If you want to follow a pure trader this is the man to follow. You’re welcome.

  Andrew Selby is one of the hardest working students of the markets I have ever seen. His blog studies the greatest traders in history and he culls out the best quotes and principles of the legends. I thought after I had spent over a decade in serious study and reading 300+ trading/investing books that I had seen most of the best materials from the rich successful traders but Andrew tweets new material and quotes every day that I have never seen before.

   Rob F. Black should have his own CNBC show, he is a real 20 year pro trader that is also very entertaining. This master of the broadening formation has many tricks in his bag for making money in the markets. I learn things from him all the time.

Rachel is an absolutely top tier trader, her blog and open interest option charts are must reads for traders.

ichael is a master of the macro trends. He follows economic trends that are happening on all levels and shares generously with his followers. If you are interested in the big picture with interest rates, inflation, bond yields, emerging markets then Michael is your man. He also is probably the most entertaining financial tweeter on twitter.

Jason is a technical analyst with great accuracy who also likes to keep it real by calling out traders on twitter that may not be completely honest. He has completed some CSI investigations in the past to uncover some frauds that quickly left their accounts on twitter once exposed.

   The coauthor of my option book Christopher Ebert is also the best option trader I know and I have seen him trade all types of option trades profitably long, short, straddles, exotic, you name it. He has also created option indicators based on open interest that are amazingly accurate.

Here is a real life Market Wizard and trading champion that we can follow on twitter. Mark’s book is one of the best stock trading books ever written Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard: How to Achieve Super Performance in Stocks in Any Market

Darrin uses a great system with elements of both Nicolas Darvas and other market greats to trade only the very best market leaders in each market cycle he runs

Look at my following list for even more traders to follow.