There are many trading blogs out there but I truly believe that my trading blog New Trader U is a different kind of blog and here is why:

  1. I am not trying to up sell you to any product that costs thousands of dollars. I do not have a newsletter, paid trading room, or training classes, I am a trader that blog primarily for my own benefit. Blogging forces me to work on improving my trading daily.
  2. The trading lessons I talk about on my blog are from real life experiences not theory or beliefs.
  3. My goal is to show traders the key principles of successful traders not convert them to my own method or tell them what to trade.
  4. I blog about many different winning traders and I am not really tied to any specific method. I am pretty knowledgeable about many ways to make money.
  5. My purpose is to give new traders a short cut to becoming good traders.
  6. Unlike most other blogs I focus primarily on risk management and the traders psychology which I believe make all the difference not calling the markets moves or giving out stock picks.
  7. I am trying to teach new traders how to trade not tell them what to trade.
  8. I did thousands of hours of study and traded in the markets for a decade BEFORE I started blogging.
  9. I am a trader that blogs not a blogger that trades.
  10. Most bloggers blog weekly or when in the mood, I am very passionate about the markets and write a new blog almost every single day.